Student Online Donor Acknowledgment Form

This site is for students who are current recipients of a Kent State University "named" scholarship (i.e. The Mel B. Mellis Medallion Founders Scholarship). A named scholarship is a scholarship that is privately funded by either an individual donor, organization or foundation. Your scholarship award is possible because of the generosity of a donor, foundation, or organization to Kent State University.

The Student Financial Aid Office has created the Student Online Donor Acknowledgment & Appreciation (SODA) form below for you to complete to express your appreciation to your donor. This form will be sent to the donor with your information and your note of gratitude. We ask that you complete this form annually even if you have completed the profile in a previous year to provide the donor with a current update and thank you note.

Failure to complete the SODA will prevent payment of your scholarship award to your student account.  Complete the Student Online Donor Acknowledgment and Appreciation Form.

2019-2020 SODA

Complete the 19-20 SODA for scholarships awarded for the 2019/2020 academic year: Summer 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020.

Both incoming (new to Kent State) and returning students should complete the SODA:

2019-2020 Student Online Donor Acknowledgment and Appreciation Form