Employee Vaccination Drawing Week 2 Winners Announced

Week two winners of the Kent State University employee vaccination drawing have been announced. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

Mary Peterson $100 Assistant Professor
Antonette Ferritto $100 Secretary
Johanna Solomon $100 Assistant Professor
Zhiqiang Wang $100 Provost Fellow
Peggy Soltis $100 Administrative Secretary
Lori Armstrong $100 Faculty Part-time-Semester
Caroline Kappel $100 Faculty Part-Time -Semester
Mary Ann Raghanti $100 Chairperson, Academic Dept
Benjamin Dalrymple $100 Academic Advisor I
Jonathan Selinger $100 Professor
Amy Grincewicz $100 Dir, Instnl Design, College
Andrew Kramer $100 Faculty Part-Time -Semester
Gail Williams $100 Custodial Worker
Vaneet Kaur $100 Assistant Professor
Shawn Wilson $100 Sr Admissions Counselor
John Stainer $100 Building & Grounds Supervisor
Melissa Crites $100 Sr Advisor I
Shelley Marshall $100 Associate Lecturer
Amanda Faehnel $100 Associate Professor
Amy Sato $100 Associate Professor
Kristine Chan $250 Clerical Specialist
Amanda Bretzin $250 COVID Response Team Coord
Cathy DuBois $250 Assoc Dean, Grad Progs, CoBA
Tiffany Jamison $250 Instructional Designer
Elizabeth Lee $250 Asst to an Exec Officer
Anissa Strickland $250 Dir, Scholarships
Rosemary Heredos $250 Faculty part-time; end date of 12/31/21
Marlo Rose $250 Clerical Coordinator
Kathryn Knapp $500 Associate Professor
Megan Krippel $500 Dir II, Enrl Mgt, Stu Svc, Adv
Mariah Gibbons $500 Public Rel & Marketing Coord
Anthony Chiccarino $500 Network Design Engineer
Michael Byron $1,000 Chairperson, Academic Dept
Roberto Chavez $1,000 Dir, Academic Advising

Don’t see your name listed? Don’t fret. There is still plenty of time to enter and win. Visit the Corona Virus Updates website to register your vaccine information and be eligible for upcoming drawings. Good luck!

POSTED: Monday, September 27, 2021 - 11:08am
UPDATED: Friday, September 24, 2021 - 11:27am