In this second of three sections, you will be gamifying some aspect of your curriculum, classroom, or learning assignments.

Required Resources

  • Your main goal for this section is to pick an assignment, part of your curriculum, or part of your classroom, and then add gamification components to it. Resources have already been supplied in section 1 that include tips and warnings on gamification.
  • Please note that adding a simple game to your content would not qualify for this microcredential. For instance, adding a Kahoot game to a social studies review can be a fun new way to review. However, this assignment aims to dig deeper into adding some broader aspects of gamification to your learning and teaching processes.
  • Please also note that the gamification can be analog or digital.

Additional Resources

  • See section 1 for resources on gamification.

Required Evidence

  • Create a document that describes your existing assignment, curriculum, or pedagogy. Then create a plan for gamifying the experience. Include specific elements of gamification.
  • Be sure to include the appropriate state learning standards into your lesson plan (e.g.,
  • Implement that gamification into the curriculum.
  • Evidence of successful completion must include two components:
    • The gamification plan in Word or PDF format. There are no length or format requirements. However, it must include¬†state or content standards.
    • Include in the plan the actual date(s) of implementation, including the age and grade of the audience.
    • You do not have to include a summary of what happened. You will include that in the reflection part of this activity.

Evidence Review Criteria

  • Criterion 1: Educators will present evidence of the creation of a gamification plan.
  • Criterion 2: Educators will implement the gamification plan.