Important Terms

  • Affordances – things that are considered positives or advantages; it could also mean that something enables something else to happen.  An affordance of a fork is that it can allow you to eat food.
  • Constraints – things that are considered negatives or limitations. A constraint of a fork is that it does not allow you to eat soup easily.
  • Educational games – games that are either created for educational purposes, or if not specifically educational they can still be applied for educational goals. Educational goals can be cognitive, emotional, affective, social, etc.
  • Gamification – attempting to apply games and gaming elements to improve processes or activities (e.g., teaching and learning)
  • Pedagogy – there are a lot of definitions, but it is probably easiest to think of this as the art or science of teaching. It would be easy, for instance, to ask educators how educational gaming fits into their pedagogical beliefs.