Ohio Learning Standards: Technology

  • Information and Communications Technology
    • ICT Topic 1: Identify and use appropriate digital learning tools and resources to accomplish a defined task.
    • ICT Topic 2: Use digital learning tools and resources to locate, evaluate and use information.
    • ICT Topic 3: Use digital learning tools and resources to construct knowledge.
  • Society and Technology
    • ST Topic 1: Demonstrate an understanding of technology’s impact on the advancement of humanity – economically, environmentally, and ethically.
    • ST Topic 3: Explain how technology, society, and the individual impact one another.
  • Design and Technology
    • DT Topic 1: Define and describe the technology, including its core concepts of systems, resources, requirements, processes, controls, optimization, and trade-offs.
    • DT Topic 2: Identify a problem and use an engineering design process to solve the problem.
    • DT Topic 4: Evaluate designs using functional, aesthetic, and creative elements.