In this final of three sections, you will reflect upon your experiences in this microcredential.

Required Resources

  • If you are new to writing reflections and/or this is your first microcredential, please visit at least one of the additional resources.

Additional Resources

Required Evidence

  • This activity is designed to get you, as an educator, to explore game production. But the overarching goal is for you to reflect on how you might consider using game production with your students.
  • Review: 
  • Reflect on what you learned during game production. Specifically, focus on:
    • What went well? What areas needed work?
    • Do you think you would pick the same activity for students to complete?
    • Plan game production for the classroom. Talk about areas you might want to introduce this into.  Talk about how this might be integrated into content areas, not just as a separate activity.
  • Formatting – One to two pages maximum; double-spaced, no smaller than 11pt font.
  • No references are required.

Evidence Review Criteria

  • Criterion 1: Educators will be able to demonstrate thoughtful reflection on their learning experiences.