The International Relations major at Kent State University offers students courses focusing on some of the most pressing challengings and most promising opportunities of the 21st century.

As the global community becomes ever-more familiar with the speed and ease of communication technology, as borders lose relevance in our identities and relationships, as conflicts intensify and fade into the past, we know that our students need to be able to engage in new ways. We also know that students at Kent State are committed to building and improving their communities, be it local or global. In response to that, we are committed to preparing our students with exceptional faculty, with cutting-edge course materials, and with the skills they need to reimagine their world. Covering topics from international informal economics to authoritarianism to political violence and civic organization, our program gives students a broad knowledge base as well as a deep understanding of global dynamics. Our graduates go on to successful careers in NGO work, leading non-profits, international business, small business, and governance. Whatever it is you want to bring to the world, you belong here!

The International Relations Major is housed within Kent State University’s School of Multidisciplinary Social Sciences and Humanities. The School is steeped in the richness of interdisciplinary work, providing students with a sophisticated understanding of the ways in which multiple academic fields of study speak to a specific topic. It provides expert instruction, compassionate mentoring, and a support system that cultivates student success.