Register Your Device!

Connect your XBox, XBox 360, Nintendo Wii, Playstation (PS3), Apple TV, ROKU or other game console / entertainment device to the Internet in the residence halls.

Students in All Residence Halls except for Allerton Apartments

Students connecting wireless game consoles (such as Xbox 360 or Sony Playstation 3) or entertainment devices in all residence halls can now connect wirelessly to the Internet in their residence hall room! Follow the steps below to connect.

1.  Ensure your gaming device has wireless access. If you have previously connected to wireless networks, make sure you reset your network settings to the default.
2.  In your wireless network configuration screen, connect to the network called “Gaming”, which is available in all residence halls.
3. Your device will need to be registered. Go to and log in using your FlashLine Credentials. Follow the prompts to register your device. You must include your full MAC address in order to connect to the Gaming Network. 
4.  You should now be online with your gaming console!

* Nintendo Wii users are currently unable to connect to the Gaming network and will need to purchase a Wii LAN adapter and request a wired port connection in their room.  After you have purchased the Wii LAN adapter and the wired port request is approved, you will connect via an Ethernet cable to the port in your wall.

For further information, visit or for additional assistance submit a ticket at or call (330) 672- HELP (4357).