Keep on Learning

Kent State University has suspended face-to-face classes through July 9, 2020. All classes will be conducted through remote delivery.

Under unusual and difficult circumstances your instructors and university staff are working hard to make sure your education has as few interruptions as possible. Face-to-face classes are being offered via remote instruction. The learning management system, Blackboard Learn, will be the primary platform used for delivering your class remotely. Your instructor may choose to deliver synchronous (real-time) video-conferences or may post content for you to read or watch asynchronously. 

For questions about withdrawing from a course, pass/fail grading, or re-adding a course, visit

A few things to keep in mind…

  1. We are experiencing an extraordinary event and adjustments will need to be made. While your instructors are working hard to make sure you can continue your education, it is important to acknowledge that there will be differences from your face-to-face class and flexibility will help reduce the stress for all of us.
  2. The demands on internet capacity and cloud-based tools and software are unprecedented. Please remember that there may be moments that things may run slowly or stop working for a short time. If you encounter these problems please email your instructor. 
  3. Remember that Flashes take care of Flashes. The Kent State community is here for you. Please be assured that every effort is being made to make your experience as positive as possible. This is also a time to consider how you might be of the most assistance to others. It is in difficult times that we find our best selves.
  4. Regular and clear communication is the key to the successful completion of your courses. For problems with your coursework, contact your professor. For technical issues, contact the Help Desk or use the LiveChat. For other issues, email



How do I communicate with my professor?

You should check with your Blackboard course for instructions on communication from your professor. Please remember that your course in Blackboard is a work-in-progress. You should check-in regularly to view updates. Unless otherwise instructed, Kent email will be the preferred means of communication. Check your syllabus or look for an email link in your Blackboard course.

What if I do not have access to the Internet?

If you do not have access to the Internet, please consider the option below for free Internet. 


  • Charter Communication announced it will offer free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have a subscription. Get more information on Free Spectrum Internet. To enroll in the service you can call 1-844-488-8395, the company says it will waive installation fees for student households.

Keep Americans Connected Pledge

  • Note that AT&T, Comcast, Charter, Cox, Google Fiber, Spring, Verizon, and T-Mobile will not disconnect anyone for the next 60 days.  Read the Pledge
What is academic continuity?

Academic continuity refers to the continuation of courses (programs, degrees). In the case of an on-campus emergency (weather, pandemic), academic continuity for classes on campus may not be able to be ensured unless other teaching modalities, including remote delivery, are considered.

What if I have questions about my coursework?
  • Contact your instructor
  • Regularly check the Blackboard page for your course
  • Additional resources for courses delivered through remote instruction are available on the Keep on Learning website
When is the Course Withdrawl Deadline (Grade of "W" Assigned)?

Between now and the end of the semester, you may opt to withdraw from a course. This will NOT affect your GPA; however, it may impact your eligibility for future financial aid. Visit to learn about requirements related to financial aid, and if you have questions, please discuss these potential implications with the One Stop or the student services department at the campus you attend before taking action in order to best understand the consequences of withdrawing from the course.

Please refer to for additional information. 

Can I take my class Pass/Fail?

Between now and the end of the semester, you may opt to take your courses on a Pass/Fail basis, based on guidelines that will be updated March 30.

  • This includes undergraduate and graduate courses.
  • There are some situations in which a program has a grade requirement for a prerequisite course, a program course or licensure requirement, and in such cases, the course may not be taken Pass/Fail.
  • Please discuss this with an advisor before taking action in order to best understand the consequences of taking a course for Pass/Fail.
  • Taking a course for Pass/Fail will not impact your grade point average (GPA).
  • You will receive credit for the Pass grade and no credit for the Fail grade.
  • The Pass (Y) grade and Fail (Z) grade will be posted on your transcript.
  • Find additional details for pass/fail on March 30.

Please refer to for additional information. 

If I withdrew from a class, can I re-add this class?

If you withdrew from a course on, or after, March 10 before learning of the current change in grading policies, you may choose to re-add in that course. Please reach out to your instructor to determine what you missed and how you can make up missed materials.

Visit to for information on re-adding your course.

What if I am completing an internship for credit?

We recognize that some of you may be asked to alter your work environment, project scopes may change, and other unforeseen changes may be requested or expected during this time. The following are recommendations for navigating your current internship during this time.

  • It is recommended that you continue your internship under the direction of and in communication with your supervisor and the organization’s current guidelines for work and attendance, as agreed upon by your employment agreement and academic course credit.
  • Ask your supervisor for time to discuss any upcoming changes or concerns you have.
    • If you would like to schedule a Phone or Zoom appointment to discuss how to navigate this conversation or your current arrangement, please schedule with Jen Benore via KSU Advising.

If you still have concerns re: your current arrangement or ability to complete your internship hours after discussing with your employer:

  • Please email your faculty instructor with these concerns in writing. Please include Career Services Office staff, Jen Benore ( and Erin Nunn Fairman (


Where do I access my course?
Will I have class at my scheduled time?

If your instructor decides to hold live videoconferencing (synchronous) class sessions, these will be held at your scheduled class time. The link to the videoconference room will be posted in Blackboard. Collaborate Ultra will generally be the software used. Instructions for using Collaborate Ultra are posted below.

Some instructors may choose to not hold live class sessions and opt for an asynchronous delivery. In that case, they will post content and exercises for you to complete on your own. They will stipulate the due dates and expectations for your participation. 

When using videoconferencing software such as Collaborate Ultra or Zoom, use the audio-only option unless asked to use video by the professor or if you doing small group work. Video takes up a lot more bandwidth than audio and with so many people using these technologies and the internet at the same time, there may be more disruptions to service while using video.

What if I have trouble logging into Blackboard or using tools in Blackboard?

Be sure to communicate any problems you are having with The Kent State Online Technology Help Center. They can help you with problems with Blackboard, logging into your online course, as well as, hardware and software issues. Contact TechHelp by either submitting a Support Ticket or get help via LiveChat with support staff. You can also call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 330-672-HELP.


How do I turn in homework?

Your instructor may have added submission areas for assessments in Blackboard, check your course and if you are unsure, contact your instructor. Other instructors may ask you to send in your assignments via email. It is important to closely follow the directions of your instructors in each of your classes.

What if I need to create a video (using Kaltura)?
What is a proctored test?

In your face-to-face class, you instructor is proctoring your test by making sure that each student is following the stated rules for completing the test and not receiving inappropriate assistance. When not in a classroom, automated proctoring may be used to ensure the integrity of the test. Various tools may be used for proctoring including Proctorio and Respondus LockDown Browser. Instructions for using Proctorio is listed below. 

If your course is using Proctorio, you will need the Proctorio Chrome browser extension. Visit the student proctored testing page for more information on Proctorio, frequently asked questions, Top 10 Tips for using Proctorio, and proctored testing support. 

How should I prepare my computer for taking a proctored test?

Top 5 Tips For Your Proctored (Proctorio) Online Test/Quiz/Exam!

  1. Tech Check! Prior to the test/quiz/exam, ensure that Chrome and the Proctorio Extension are installed and current.
  2. Reboot & Refresh. Reboot your computer right before the testing session.
  3. Get the Most from Your WiFi! Because of the larger numbers of Internet users at home, connectivity may be slower than usual at peak times. Right before a test, run a bandwidth test. If your bandwidth test reports a speed below 1mbps, ask other members of your household to refrain from heavy internet activities (streaming video, downloads, etc.) while you take your test. If it has been a long time since your WiFi router and/or cable modem has been rebooted, a reboot can help improve connectivity as well. Being physically close to the WiFi router often helps too.
  4. During the Exam. When in an exam, allow a few extra moments for graphics and videos to download.
  5. Help & Support! If you need any help with Proctorio, click on the Proctorio extension in Chrome and choose "Live Chat" or for chat and email support.
What if my assignment includes using SPSS software?

SPSS is giving students free access to the SPSS Statistics free trial period through June 15, 2020. 

To download the free trial, fill out the request form at


Do my accommodations still apply during remote instruction?

Yes, all accommodations should still be honored during this period. Please note that SAS does not have specific information about how each course will be delivered. Reach out to your instructors to discuss how changes in instruction will impact you.

What if I need additional accommodations?
Is Student Accessibility Services (SAS) open during this time?

SAS staff are working remotely during regular business hours: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can email (or your campus SAS coordinator) with questions or concerns or if you would like to set up a phone appointment. There will be no face-to-face proctoring during the period of remote instruction, and all student meetings will be conducted by phone. Students can update or send their course accessibility letters using Access KSU using the typical process.

Student Accessibility Services at Regional Campuses:


Where and how can I get Academic Advising?
Will tutoring be available?

The Academic Success Center (ASC) is working to shift supplemental instruction, drop-in and scheduled tutoring to an online format in order to continue to support students in their coursework. Please refer to the ASC website beginning on Monday, March 16, for more information. Contact the ASC at or 330-672-3190 with questions. For Regional Campus tutoring services, please contact your campus for information regarding available resources.

Tutoring at Regional Campuses:

Health & Wellness

I am feeling worried and anxious and I need help. Who can I turn to?

Students may contact their on-campus counseling services. To look up the on-campus counseling services, as well additional support resources near your campus community, please visit the Step Up & Speak Out website and select your campus.

The Division of Mental Health and Substance Use also has created a list of anxiety & stress relief resources.

In addition, there are several 24/7 professional support services available that can also connect you to local resources. You can reach the Crisis Text Hotline by texting 741-741. You can reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or by visiting their website for a live chat.


Campus Counseling Services:

Who can help me if don’t know where to go for food or health facilities?

211 is an organization that can assist folks with connecting to local county based resources. They can be accessed via the website to look up information or by calling "211" from any phone. It is available in every state. It may assist with students and their families connecting to additional resources like food pantries, health clinics, utilities. Folks can search online or call and speak to a specialist.

What are some tips for staying healthy?
  • Stay Connected -- reach out to friends and family via Skype, Facetime, text, email
  • Pace Yourself - balance stressful activities with fun
  • Talk Feelings - with loved ones if you are uncomfortable
  • Stay Positive - try journaling about the good things that you have going on
  • Relax - take time for yourself try practicing breathing techniques
  • Limit Media Exposure - but stay informed
What can I do for entertainment at home?

As a member of the Kent State community, you have access to many free resources to help you spend your time productively and enjoyably.

Always wanted to visit the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam? They, and many other art museums, have digitized their art collection for you to view at home. View museum collections

Check out your local city and county library websites. Most have online sign-up and many free text and audio e-books. Audible has made hundreds of audio books available for free.

From boot camp to yoga, the YMCA is offering 60 free online classes.

Learn a New Skill
This may be an opportune time to learn a new skill or develop an expertise. Grab that unused guitar out of your closet, grab your pencil and paper to begin sketching, or finally dive into learning a new language. Keeping your mind stimulated will help you find contentment in an uncertain time. Log into LinkedIn with your Kent email for thousands of videos and courses on a variety of topics.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud is available at no cost until May 31st. You can download tools like Photoshop, InDesign, Premier Pro video editing and access free training of these tools at LinkedIn Learning

Did you know that you can log into with your Kent State email address and access thousands of classic cinema, Indie film, and documentaries for free?

Listening to the Opera may not have been your favorite Friday night activity, but why not give it a try now that the NY Metropolitan Opera is streaming their performances for free.

Virtual Tours 
Would you like a view from the top of the Eiffel Tower, or step inside the Taj Mahal? Take virtual tours

Regional Campus Remote Resources

Ashtabula Online Resources
Columbiana Online Resources
Geauga and Twinsburg Online Resources
Stark Online Resources
Trumbull Online Resources
Tuscarawas Online Resources


What do I do if I have problems?

If you have issues directly related to your coursework, contact your instructor.

If you have technical problems, contact TechHelp by either submitting a Support Ticket or get help via LiveChat with support staff. You can also call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 330-672-HELP.

You may also email for any other issues you may have.

Where can I get university updates?
What library or other resources are available?

University Libraries provides access to thousands of online information resources and librarians are available online to help. Visit for more information.

Perusall and Cengage are also making free, digital copies of textbooks available to students for the remainder of the spring semester. 

Kent State University has partnered with Adobe to provide free Adobe Creative Cloud licenses to our students, faculty and staff to allow continued access to the tools from off campus. Download and installation information

Will Nursing, CATS and CPM clinicals continue?

Effective March 13, 2020, all College of Nursing (BSN, MSN, DNP, PhD) clinicals are suspended until April 13, 2020 at which time we will re-evaluate. This includes the BSN at regionals (Stark, Trumbull, Geauga and Salem). For those of you who anticipate a May graduation, we are working to ensure that your graduation will be on time. College of Nursing Students please contact Dr. Tracey Motter (BSN Kent Campus) at 330-672-8784 or Dr. Wendy Umberger (MSN/DNP/PhD Kent Campus) at 330-672-8813. Access additional questions and answers on the College of Nursing website.

  • College of Applied and Technical Studies Nursing and Allied Health Programs (ADN, Rad Tech, OTA, PTA, and RESP Therapy) clinicals are suspended until further notice.
  • The College of Podiatric Medicine will continue clinical rotations, in line with all of the colleges of podiatric medicine (CPM) around the country. The continuance of clinical rotations is in compliance with the individual hospital requirements. Most institutions are limiting Podiatric Medical students from treating patients with active respiratory infections.
I am scheduled to defend my dissertation/thesis. How do I proceed?

Given the suspension of face-to-face instruction and mitigation efforts to break the cycle of contagion of the COVID-19 virus, thesis and dissertation defenses and pre-defenses may be held with all members of the committee and the candidate participating remotely. Students who are scheduled to defend their dissertation or thesis prior to April 13 should contact their dissertation/thesis committee chair as soon as possible. Arrangements will be made for your defense to be held remotely. For a copy of our guiding principles and guidelines, go to the Graduate Studies home page.

What is the policy if I am studying in New York City?

The NYC Studio WILL be following the same schedule as shared by Main Campus in regards to remote instruction.

Important updated NYC Studio specific information:

  • March 16-20: NYC Studio classes will resume via remote instruction, as announced on Tuesday, March 10.
  • March 23-29: Spring break will occur as scheduled.
  • March 30-End of Spring Semester: NYC Studio classes will be held via remote instruction.
  • Studio Access: You may access the Studio next Wednesday, March 18, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. to get your course materials, supplies, personal belongings, etc. All of your belongings should be removed from the Studio during this time.

See the full email with additional details about key cards, internships, housing and travel.

Are the art studio spaces available to students during the campus closure?

The studio spaces for all students are shared spaces, where it is impossible to abide by social distancing guidelines. This means the art studio spaces are closed and art students’ research will not be possible to take place in the College of the Arts buildings.