This page provides a Design and Development checklist as well as an Online Teaching checklist to help you decide on important components to include in your online course, and also to prioritize your time for course development or revision. These checklists are meant to help both new and veteran online instructors make informed decisions for developing and teaching their online course. The checklists are intended to be used as a "self-check", and reflect research-based best practices for online learning. However, they are not meant to be prescriptive -- you can choose to focus on certain items and exclude others, you can use the checklists for new ideas and teaching strategies, or you can use them to review and reflect on your course prior to revision. 

Also included here is a Course Copy and Prep checklist, to help ready your course for the next semester, as well as an Accessibility Considerations document that will help you be proactive in making your online course accessible. For more information on accessibility in online courses, please contact Student Accessibility Services at 330-672-3391.