Learning Placements

What is An Out-of-State Learning Placement?

Out-of-State Learning Placements (OOSLPS) are defined by SARA as an "experiential learning placements such as, but not limited to, clinical rotations, internships or student teaching offered by SARA-participating Institutions in locations outside their Home State".

Reporting Out-of-State Learning Placements

NC-SARA requires institutions participating in SARA to report certain learning placements in every state, territory, and district other than their own. Reporting the learning placements, referred to as out-of-state learning placements (OOSLP), is required for institutions participating in SARA.

Though learning placements occur in a variety of disciplines, they are particularly common in certain fields, such as health-related disciplines and education. They are often a required part of obtaining a degree and/or license to practice a particular profession. Institutions do not report their in-state learning placements to NC-SARA. Only out-of-state learning placements are reported.

These activities are an important part of many academic programs and the number and extent of such placements are of great interest and concern to educators, practitioners, licensing bodies, and state regulators. Learning placements are a critical component of many instructional programs.


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