Design, Build, Teach Pathways

The Design, Build, Teach Pathways are a series of asynchronous, self-paced Canvas courses that guide you through foundational concepts and best practices as you design, build, and teach online courses. 

Kent State Online Design Build Teach Online Courses

These courses have been designed to accommodate a variety of learning preferences with various participation options. 

Visit the Design, Build, Teach Pathways pages below to learn more about the courses included in each pathway and to get started!

Watch an Overview: Design, Build, Teach Pathways (4m 21s)



This training series has been designed to accommodate a variety of learning preferences with several options for participation.


Looking for information on a specific topic or a resource that you can review as time allows? Explore courses at your leisure based on interest. Browse and review relevant information and resources. Find topics most pertinent to you and apply those strategies to your courses. 


Depending on your learning goals, you might choose a more in-depth approach incorporating optional activities, personalized feedback, and support. Choose courses that are of interest to you. Review the course learning materials. Check your understanding by completing the Knowledge Check Quiz. Put course topics into practice by completing the Practical Application Activity. Discuss how you might incorporate this new knowledge into your own online course during a 1:1 consult with a member of the Online Learning Team. 

Teaching Award

The Bronze Teaching Recognition Award recognizes learning evidence-based practices for instruction and developing a plan to use them.  

Kent State University Teaching Award Bronze

To be considered for this award: 

  1. Review the course learning materials. 
  2. Complete the Knowledge Check Quiz. 
  3. Complete the Practical Application Activity. 
  4. Participate in an Individual Consult with a member of the Online Learning Team.  

To apply for this award:

Once you have completed steps 1-4, submit your application for the Bronze Teaching Recognition Award. You will be notified once your application has been reviewed! 



Have Questions?

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