QM at Kent State

How does Kent State utilize Quality Matters?

Kent State University is a member of the largest QM state consortium in the nation, the QM Ohio Consortium, and as such, is able to provide low-cost training for QM's foundational workshop, Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR), as well as the Improving Your Online Course (IYOC) workshop. 

Along with the APPQMR, Kent State also offers QM consultations and a shortened, two-hour introduction to QM presentation, so that faculty can choose their level of involvement. After attending a Kent QM training, faculty will be given the complete QM rubric workbook, and can then continue to be involved in QM in the following ways:

  • Faculty can use the QM rubric as a guide when they design their online courses.
  • Faculty can do a self-review of their online course using the Self-Review tool on the QM website.
  • Faculty can do informal peer reviews of colleagues' courses by request.
  • Faculty can ask a trained QM Peer Reviewer from the Office of Continuing and Distance Education to do an informal QM review of their course.
  • Faculty can begin their course design with the Kent State Online template, which meets many QM standards prior to course content, assignments, etc., being added.

Departments and colleges can also request custom QM training or a QM consultation and can choose to incorporate QM design principles within their online course design as well.

If you have any questions about QM training, please contact online@kent.edu.

Please visit our Faculty Workshops page for descriptions of our professional development events and links for registration.

Interested in Quality Matters Training?

The QM Ohio Consortium regularly offers the following workshops: Professional Development – The Quality Matters Ohio Consortium. 

Individuals can check for workshops via the QM Ohio Calendar and Dedicated Training with MyQM.


If you are interested in pursuing an independent QM research project, please contact online@kent.edu.