Resources for Online Assignments

This page provides handouts for different types of assignments. Please feel free to read through these, as they may help suggest new ideas for assignments in your course. Some of these are both types of assignments and tools in Canvas. Many other assignment types listed here are particularly good for activities that students might actually do in their careers, such as making a presentation, creating a fact sheet, or writing a memo.

These types of assignments can be of great value to students, as they are not only applying the information they are learning, but they're also learning a skill that will be applicable to their future or current job. Keep in mind, though, that these are just some of the types of assignments you can consider. Also, if you have great assignments that you are using in your online class that aren't reflected here, let us help you share that idea with your Kent State colleagues! Please contact Amy Grincewicz, Director, Instructional Design,, for more information.

Canvas tools

Visual assignments

Writing assignments

Assignment Prompts and Additional Information

Discussion Prompt Template

Journal and Blog Prompt Template

Quiz and Exam Prompt Template

Assignment Sequencing