An example course syllabus and course schedule have been provided for you. The course syllabus has been specifically created to meet Quality MattersTM standards and follows Kent State University’s guidelines for writing syllabi. In addition, the syllabus has been designed with universal design and accessibility in mind to make it easy to read for students and screen reader-friendly.

The syllabus and course schedule documents are provided in Microsoft Word .doc file format so you can easily edit them to reflect your personal information, course policies, and required departmental information.

Note: Best practice is to provide students with PDF versions of documents in your course for ease and convenience of downloading and printing, and reading in a web browser or mobile device.

Canvas has a dedicated Syllabus page that you can access from your course navigation. It is recommended that you post your syllabus in this area to create a consistent experience for students across courses. The Syllabus page also includes a feature called the Course Summary that presents a clickable schedule of assignments and due dates for students. For more information, review the Using the Canvas Syllabus tool guide.