Careers in Mathematics

"Doing mathematics should always mean finding patterns and crafting beautiful and meaningful explanations." 

- Paul Lockhart

Mathematician listed as #1 Best Job of 2014

Mathematics careers continue to lead the industry with low stress, high compensation, and hiring demand. 

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Median Annual Salary: $101,360
  • Projected Job Growth by 2022: 23%
  • Followed by: 2. University Professor (Tenured), 3. Statistician, and 4. Actuary
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What are you interested in?
  • Become a College Professor, Course Coordinator or Curriculum Developer, Mathematician, Mathematics Specialist, Statistician, High School Teacher, or Technical Writer
Business and Finance
  • Become an Actuary, Budget Analyst, Cost Estimator, Economist, Financial Analyst, Foreign Exchange Trader, Inventory Control Specialist, Market Research Analyst, Operations Research Analyst, Patent Attorney, Quantitative Financial Market Analyst, Stockbroker, or Tax Examiner
Computer Science
  • Become a Crypt-analyst or National Security Analyst
  • Become an Epidemiologist or Psychometrician
Natural Sciences
  • Become an Biomathematician, Biostatistician, Computational Biologist, Mathematical Biophysicist, Mathematical Physicist, Meteorologist, or Physicist
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