Assistantship and Financial Information

Mathematics Graduate Assistantship

Available to both doctoral and master's students, and is normally the first appointment a new student will receive. These appointments carry a stipend that is paid for teaching, grading, tutoring, library or systems work. A Graduate Assistantship is 20 hours of service to the Department or supporting grant in exchange for a tuition waiver and stipend.

Assistantships are considered once a year, six months prior to the start of the fall semester of that academic year. The department starts the review of Assistantship in early February before the academic year for which you wish to apply. All students accepted into the program will be considered for Assistantship.

  • Email:
  • Fax: 330-672-2209
  • Mail: Attn: Graduate Secretary, Kent State University - Kent Campus, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Sciences Building 233, Summit Street, Kent OH 44242
To Accept an Assistantship

If you receive an offer letter for assistantship, please return the signed offer letter to the Graduate Secretary. Additional paperwork will be completed at this time to officially process your assistantship.

Part-Time Teaching

If you are unable to attain financial aid and you do not have an assistantship, you may consider part-time teaching at the department. Kent State University offers a 4 credit hour tuition waiver for anyone teaching part-time. There are limited teaching spots available, and excellent teaching skills and good academic performance are required. International students must pass an English test with KSU ESL, in addition to TOEFL, prior to approval. We do our best to give graduate students priority when assigning teaching for part-time instructors. Please direct questions to the Graduate Coordinator.

Teaching Fellow

This is available to students who hold a master's degree (normally post-candidacy) and who are known to be effective and reliable teachers. This appointment is not available to first year students.

Research Assistant 

This type of appointment is supported by a research grant from an extramural source (government or industry). The duties consist of assisting in the research of the graduate faculty member who is the principal investigator. The stipend is the same as that of a graduate assistant.

University Fellowship Grant 

This is given to Dissertation II students only during the Spring semester (after passing the candidacy exam). A University Fellowship allows a student to receive stipend and tuition for Spring without the service commitment. This is to reward students for their hard work and allow them to concentrate on their dissertation and research for a full semester. To receive a University Fellowship you must be nominated by the Mathematics Graduate Studies committee. Nominations are based on prior performance and research. If you have been nominated, you need to fill out the corresponding application.

Tuition Scholar

Tuition scholarships, covering tuition and fees, may be given to a limited number of graduate students. Registration in 8-15 graduate credits of mathematics or computer science courses each semester is required.

Other Assistantships

For information on graduate assistantships outside of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, visit the Career Exploration and Development website to find Jobs & Internships or check other department websites for assistantships.

David B. Smith Award

Outstanding accomplishment in scholarship is the focus; exhibitions, performances, publications, presentations, and/or acquisition of external funds may show this. Evidence of outstanding teaching is important as well as the student's academic record. In essence, there are three criteria with the heaviest weight to the first. Usually the students nominated and selected have strong academic credentials and performance, publications in professional journals of their field, and leadership in their departments.

Student Financial Aid