Program Overview

The mission of the department is to prepare students to use mathematics and/or statistics in a variety of settings, including industry, government agencies, teaching mathematics at all levels and for careers as research mathematicians.

Our Programs

The mathematics graduate program offers the following degrees:

The Master's program in either pure or applied mathematics is intended for those students who want a professional education in mathematics beyond the Bachelor's degree level.  The Master's program for Secondary Teachers is aimed at in-service teachers and features both mathematics and education classes. The Ph.D. program is designed for students interested in becoming professional scholars, college and university teachers, or independent workers in private, industrial, or government research institutions. Our Ph.D. program is one of six mathematics Ph.D. programs in the state public university system, and one of only two in northeast Ohio.

Research areas

In broad terms, the faculty areas of research lie in functional analysis and operator theory, representation theory, approximation theory, convex geometry, harmonic analysis, finite groups, character theory, number theory, large scale systems of equations, numerical and scientific computation and probability and stochastic processes.


Please contact the Graduate Coordinator, Professor Artem Zvavitch, with any questions about the Graduate Program. You may reach him at (330) 672-3316 or