Areas of Expertise

Kent State University nurse researchers and scholars are at the leading edge of nursing knowledge.

They hold expertise in a wide variety of areas including, but not limited to, the following:

A Nurse Practitioner shows an elderly patient her medicine dosage

Self-management Across the Lifespan

Our researchers are seeking ways to empower people to take charge of their health and wellness at all stages of life.
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A woman holding her hands over her face, both of which are painted in rainbow colors

Social & Cultural Disparities

Our researchers are investigating health care and educational disparities faced by underserved and minority populations.
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Nursing healthcare leaders meeting on the hospital floor

Health Systems, Leadership, & Quality

Our researchers are examining factors impacting quality, safety, and cost within health systems.
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A man in a hospital bed, his hand being held by a woman sitting across from him, and a Nurse Practitioner checking his chart

Serious Illness & End of Life

Our researchers are addressing difficult challenges faced by very ill individuals and their families through innovative approaches and technologies.
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Medical professional providing counseling

Mental Health & Trauma

Our researchers are exploring a variety of psychological and psychiatric topics, including trauma-related stress and growth.
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A Kent State nursing student practices putting an oxygen mask on a patient simulator

Nursing Education & Transition to Practice

Our researchers are developing breakthroughs in the science of nursing education.
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