Resource Guide for Nurse Researchers

The Resource Guide for Nurse Researchers was developed to help College of Nursing faculty members and students navigate the process of completing a research project and finding appropriate resources along the way.

The guide is split into seven sections, listed in the general order of a research project, although the researcher may need to reference multiple sections simultaneously throughout the process. Each section includes links to relevant resources and support services that will be useful to the researcher.

This guide is an evolving document and will be continuously improved. If you believe something is missing, please contact Denise Karshner, Senior Grants Administrator for the Center for Nursing Research, at


Project Planning

Resources for:
Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students
  • Find Collaborators (faculty)/Mentors (students)
  • Stay Connected & Organized
  • Search the Literature
  • Librarian Assistance
  • Guides on Research Impact and Systematic Literature Review

Locating Funding

Resources for:
Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students
  • Pivot – Funding Discovery Database
  • Kent State Funding Opportunity Listservs
  • Public Funding – Federal & State
  • Private Organizations & Foundations
  • Graduate Research & Travel Funding 
  • University Research Council
  • Undergraduate Student Research Travel Funding
  • College of Nursing: Internal Funding
  • Dr. Richard A. Zeller Nursing Research Fund

Developing & Submitting Proposals

Resources for:
  • CNR Proposal Assistance
  • NIH Proposal Application Guide
  • Proposal Development for a Foundation
  • Data Management Planning
  • Forms & Information
  • Submitting Your Proposal

Conducting & Authoring Research

Resources for:
Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students
  • Using Qualtrics Survey Software
  • Finding, Cleaning, Analyzing, and Visualizing Data
  • Data Security and Storage
  • Guide to SPSS Statistical Software
  • Statistical Consulting
  • Meet with a Librarian
  • Research Compliance & Training
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Manuscript Writing & Editorial Assistance
  • Citation Management
  • Using Copyrighted Materials

Project Closeout

Resources for:
  • Preparing for Project Closeout
  • After Project Closeout

Dissemination & Commercialization

Resources for:
Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students
  • Crafting a Great Article Title
  • Journal Submission Guidance
  • Finding the Right Journal for Your Manuscript
  • Avoiding Predatory Journals
  • Templates for Poster Presentations
  • Where to Print Posters
  • PowerPoint Templates for Podium Presentations
  • Student Presentation Opportunities
  • Center for Nursing Research Newsletter
  • Media and Press Relations
  • Commercialization