Ensure that your grant proposal has the best chance of being approved.

These services are available to make development and submission of your grant proposal as successful as possible.

Develop Your Proposal

Applicable to:

CNR Assistance with Proposal Development, Writing, Editing, and Reviewing

After providing the Center for Nursing Research the Notice of Intent to Submit, we will assist with developing your ideas, as well as budgeting, writing, editing, and reviewing your proposal for submission.

Contact Denise Karshner, CNR Senior Grants Administrator, at 330-672-8836 or dkarshne@kent.edu to start the process.

NIH Proposal Application Guide

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has created a great resource on writing strong proposal applications. While some of the information in the guide is specific to NIH, much of their advice applies to proposal development for many other funding agencies.

Contact Denise Karshner, CNR Senior Grants Administrator, at 330-672-8836 or dkarshne@kent.edu if you have any questions or need guidance with creating your proposal.

Go to the NIH Proposal Application Guide »

Proposal Development for a Foundation

Important: If you are seeking grant funding from a foundation, family foundation or corporate foundation, you must work through the Center for Nursing Research and Foundation Relations. Please do not contact the foundation directly.

Initial Contact: Denise Karshner, CNR Senior Grants Administrator, at 330-672-8836 or dkarshne@kent.edu.

The process of developing a grant proposal for a foundation may be different than for a governmental funding agency. Review Foundation Relations' overview of the process of securing funding from foundations.

Develop Your Proposal for Foundations Overview »

Data Management Planning

Kent State University Libraries, in partnership with Information Services and Research & Economic Development, works with researchers to meet their data management needs.

The library can help with:

  • Creating data management plans for grant proposals
  • Identifying the best data repository for your project
  • Choosing the appropriate data format for long-term use and access
  • And many other aspects of data management!

Find out more about the data management service »

Library Guide: Data Management Planning: What, Why, and How
This guide covers writing a data management plan, as well as digital repository options, intellectual property and copyright, data security, and data management services at University Libraries.

Proposal Forms & Information

Important: Whenever investigator(s) are instructed to work with an outside department (i.e. Economic Development) in the documents below, College of Nursing investigator(s) should instead contact the CNR Senior Grants Administrator, Denise Karshner, at 330-672-8836 or dkarshne@kent.edu.