I’ve been asked to develop a course which is part of a strategic initiative, what should I expect?

Degree programs and/or Transfer Module courses that have been identified as part of the university's strategic initiative for distance education will follow a more structured approach to development. You will be part of a team of faculty members, instructional designers and educational technologists working collaboratively to create a high-quality, cohesive online degree program or course.

The OCDE Executive Director Deb Huntsman will meet with the school director and program planners to identify and develop market research, budget projections, resource allocation, grant possibilities, external vendors and project timelines.

Online Learning Director Valerie Kelly will hold an initial meeting with course coordinators and course developers to establish program goals, course learning objectives, and a development plan and timeline for your program.

Each program will be assigned a team of Instructional Designers and Educational Technologists as needed to assist with development.