Callbacks for Porthouse Theatre's 2021 season will take place at Kent State University's School of Theatre and Dance. The School of Theatre and Dance is located in the Center for the Performing Arts, 1325 Theatre Drive, Kent, OH 44242.

2022 Callbacks

February 5, 2022
February 6, 2022

2022 Callback Schedule

Please make sure you read through all callback information as there may be additional instructions and details in the Callback Lists below.

Saturday, February 5, 2022


11:00: Dance call. Men and women in separate studios. Learn combinations and then present

12:00: Jet women and Shark men, (who are not called back for other roles) sing their best 16

12:30: Sing Jet men, “When You’re a Jet” and if necessary read Riff’s short monologue

1:00: Sing Rosalia, Consuela, and Francesca. (pick a part)

1:30: Sing and read Riff

1:40: Sing Maria, “I Have a Love”

2:00: Read Maria and Chino scene

2:15: Read Bernardo and Anita scene

2:30: Sing Anita

2:45: Read Anita and Maria

3:00: Sing Tony, “Maria”

3:15: Read Tony and Maria

3:30: Read Schrank



4:15: Dance Ronette, Crystal and Chiffon

4:45: Sing Ronette, Crystal, Chiffon

5:00: Read and Sing Denist, (with Audrey and Seymour). If necessary read Martin

5:15: Sing Audrey and read Audrey/Seymour scene

5:40: Sing Seymour


Sunday, February 6, 2022


1:00: Movement Call

Following Movement Call: Those that move forward will be asked to sing for your prospective character.

Little Shop of Horrors Callback List and Instructions

If you have any concerns about callback choices or casting, please contact me directly:

Dance call for Chiffon, Crystal, Ronette only.  Please wear heels if you are comfortable.

If you cannot make the callbacks, please let us know.  If you are from out of town, and called back on both days, please let us know and we will make arrangements to see you in one day.

Please note, those with a + next to their name are under consideration but do not need to attend callbacks.

Olivia Billings+
Lexi DiLucia
Merrie Drees
Abby Stoffel

Devin Pfeiffer
Morgan Mills
Jared Guerrasio
Carson Zoch
Brian Hirsch

Zachary Prall+
Evan Waggoner
Michael Glavan

Chiffon, Ronette, Crystal
Hannah Hall
Moriah Cary
A.T. Sanders
Judah Nicole Lyles
Jocelyn Trimmer
Aylah Mendenhall
Sasha Spitz

Godspell Callback List and Instructions

Below you will find the callback list for Godspell (please read it thoroughly as some of you have been called for multiple tracks).

Under the character name you will see the titles of what cuts you are to prepare for Sunday. You can find sheet music for these via Porthouse Theatre’s “Google Drive” (link provided near the bottom of this page).

I ask that you be familiar with the adjacent cuts (within your range) in the event we need to hear you sing for an additional track. 

The movement call will be held at 1pm in the “dance wing” of Kent State’s School of Theatre and Dance. While the choreography itself doesn’t rely heavily on classical dance technique it will move quickly and requires athleticism. I ask that you wear tennis shoes or cross trainers that you can move in (make sure that they are NOT a pair that has been worn outside in the snow/salt).

Following the movement call we will be making our first cut. If, after the movement call, you are asked to stay, we will hear you sing for your prospective character. In addition to preparing your characters’ cut(s) we ask that you prepare “13 – Finale – Group” as we may need to hear some of you sing together (assignments for “13 – Finale – Group” are listed at the bottom of this document).

Thank you to all who came out for initial auditions. I am absolutely enamored with the level of talent and focus y’all brought to the table. What we do calls for enormous amounts of vulnerability and bravery; you ALL deserve to feel proud of yourselves for that.


Dylan Ratell (he/him/his)


“Alas For You” - cut 
“Beautiful City” - cut

Benjamin Richardson-Piche’
Devin Pfeiffer
Dario Alvarez
Brian Hirsch
Noah Roderiquez

“All for the Best” - cut
“On the Willows” - cut

Tyrell Reggins
Devin Pfeiffer
Felix Albino
Dario Alvarez
Noah Roderiquez

“We Beseech Thee” - cut

Robert Miller
Jake Kleve
Nicholas Bradley
Dominic Young
Jeremy Gobrogge

“All Good Gifts” - cut

Maxwell Brodzinski
Charles Kadair
Danny De Longaig
Sean McCrimmon
Jared Warren

"Light of the World" - cut

Zachary Monczewski
Lee Price
Karsen Guldan
Richard Morgan
Evan Waggoner

Anna Maria
“Day by Day” - cut

Madison Shannon
Olivia Broadwater
Rylie Nelson
Allison Sheski
Megan Smid
Sasha Spitz

“Bless the Lord – I” - cut
“Bless the Lord – II” - cut

Megan Polk
Sarah Pansing
Merrie Drees
Isabella Cuomo
Judah Lyles

“Turn Back O Man” - cut

Abigail Stoffel
Zoey Johnson
Riley McIntyre
Margo Tipping
Mary Sovocchia

“By My Side” - cut

Moriah Cary
Zoe Douglas
Hannah Hall
Lisa Glover
Jennie Nasser

“Learn Your Lessons Well”

Cameron Olin
Jocelyn Trimmer
Israelijah Mendenhall
Zoe Douglas
Brianna Derosa

For All Called Back

In addition to preparing your prospective characters’ song cuts please make sure to prepare:

 “13 – Finale – Group” as follows:

  • Group Division at mm. 91
    • Group 1: Female identifying (upper register)
    • Group 2: Male identifying (lower register)
  • Group Division at mm. 99
    •  Soprano: Jesus (8vb), Lindsay, Celisse;
    • Alto 1: Anna Maria;
    • Alto 2: Uzo, Nick;
    • Tenor: Morgan, Telly;
    • Baritone: George, John/Judas

West Side Story Callback List and Instructions

Any questions, or concerns, should be addressed directly with the Producing Artistic Director, Terri Kent at PRIOR to the callbacks.

Everyone, (except Schranks and Krupkes are expected to attend the dance audition.  Women, please wear heels if comfortable doing so.  Men, please wear sneakers with clean soles.

After the dance call there will be a cut.

Jet women and Shark men will be asked to sing their best 16 bar cuts.  Please bring your book.  If you are also called back for a named role, you will NOT need to sing your best 16.

If you are from out of town and called back, both Saturday and Sunday, please let us know and we will make arrangements to see you in one day.

Please note, those with a + next to their name are under consideration but do not need to attend callbacks.

Zachary Prall+
Evan Waggoner
Devin Pfeiffer
Robert Miller
Brian Hirsch
Mike Bindeman

Caroline Santiago
Alexa Lopez
Lauren Abraham
Glendaliris Torres-Greaux
Victoria Mesa
Kirstin Henry

Christian Feliciano
Dario Alvarez
Rosario Giullen+

Lisa Glover
Bella Serrano
Victoria Mesa
Glendaliris Torres-Greaux
Kirstin Henry

Roberto Silva-Neto
Jake Tomez
David Alvarez
Felix Albino
Noah Roderigues

Evan Waggoner
Nathan Hoty
Zachary Mackiewicz
Mike Bindeman

Michael Glavan
Marc Moritz
Steven Scionti (2/6 at 12 noon)

Mike Leahy
Bob Russell+ 

Shark Women
Jessica Cajina (A1)
Emelia Aceto
Caitlyn Piedra
Isabella Villanueva
Kristiana Corona
Val Adeo
Lauren Henriques
Gaby Garza
Belle Torres
Kirstin Henry
Christina Black
Judea Lowe
Victoria Mesa
Jumia Ferreira (A1)

Shark Men
Roberto Silva-Neto (2/6 at 12 noon)
Christian Feliciano
Jake Tomez
David Lopena
Anthony Ghali
Felix Albino
Noah Rodrigues
Diego Villanueva+
Matt Flores+
Antonio Brown (?)

Jet Women
Claire Oliver
Christina Youngblood
Lily Kazub
Julia Mullin
Margo Tipping
Sophie Savelli
Olivia Broadwater
Alexis Wilson
Riley McIntyre
Mary Savocchia
Kayla Gerogosian
Antonia Cangelosi
Lily Warner
Rebecca Bailey
Felicity Jemo+
Lexi DiLucia
Jocelyn Trimmer

Jet Men and Anybody’s

Karsen Guldan
Max Brodzinski
Evan Waggoner
Nathan Hoty
Dominic Young
Devin Pfeiffer
Jeremy Gobrogge
Jake Kleve
Danny Bo’ Delongiog
Robert Miller
Will DuPuis
Jarred Warren
Keaton Miller
Zachary Mackiewicz
Nicholas Bradley
Mike Bindeman

Courtney Nelson+
Zoe Douglas+
Claire Oliver
Maya Galipeau
Shelly Zimmerman
Morgan Tomasetti+

Download 2022 Callback Sides

View and Download 2022 Callback Sides

Registering for your Callback 

If you auditioned for Porthouse Theatre at Kent State University on and have already gone through the Acceptd registration process, please disregard these instructions. We already have your information and no further action is required.

If you auditioned at A1s and received a Callback and have not yet registered through Acceptd, you must do so in advance of Callbacks.

When completing the Acceptd application, you will be asked to provide digital versions of the following at the time of registration:

  • Headshot
  • Resume
  1. Click on the Acceptd link provided below. The link will take you to the Porthouse Theatre landing page on Acceptd.
  2. On the left hand side of the page under "Start An Application" select Porthouse Theatre Audition as the program.
  3. Click "Apply to Porthouse Theatre Audition"
  4. Create an Acceptd account as prompted or login if you already have one.
  5. Complete the application as instructed
  6. At the end, you will receive an email prompting you to schedule an audition. Please ignore this. The scheduling function is for preliminary auditions ONLY. 

Register through Acceptd


School of Theatre and Dance
Kent State University
Center for the Performing Arts
1325 Theatre Drive
Kent, OH 44242