RCET Mission

The Research Center for Educational Technology (RCET) was founded in 1999 to study the potential of technology to improve teaching and learning.

The overall mission of RCET is to serve as the University and College’s flagship center for research, policy, and practice related to cutting-edge technologies in teaching and learning. Such technologies have included 3D, mobile learning, online and blended learning, games and simulations, and virtual reality.  RCET researchers explore the use and impact of these technologies while providing research, practice, and policy guidelines in three major settings:

  1. K-12 Classroom/Content Integration
  2. Teacher Professional Development
  3. Learning in out-of-school/informal settings (e.g. Medicine, Public Parks, Government, Military, etc.)

A core component of RCET’s work is the AT&T Classroom, created in 1998 to give Ohio students and teachers technology-rich classroom experiences, to support pre-service teacher education and teacher professional development concerning educational technologies, and to explore how the use of digital technologies affects teaching and learning.

Some of our current projects include:

Visit the following project websites to access information regarding completed RCET projects: