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YIPPEE for Professional Learning!

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Refresh and recharge your professional toolkit by exploring the YIPPEE Exchange Marketplace. YIPPEE is a first-of-its-kind digital marketplace designed to connect educators to a host of free entrepreneurship education resources and to one another. As part of the YIPPEE community, educators are empowered to explore a wide range of products in a single place and share their experiences to ensure the best products make their way to student.

Educators are invited to explore YIPPEE and learn how to bring these tremendous resources to their own classrooms. Participants may select to pursue any or all of the following professional development options based on their own time and interests:

Option 1: Product Review
No Kent State registration required
Earn 100 YIPPEE points
Post a review of a product on the YIPPEE Exchange Marketplace. 100 YIPPEE points will be posted to the participant’s YIPPEE account upon completion.

Option 2: Lesson Plan Reflection
Kent State registration required. Register here.
Earn 100 YIPPEE points
Earn 1 Continuing Education (CE) Contact Hour
Write a reflection of a lesson plan that has been posted by another educator on YIPPEE. The reflection should encompass a few sentences that address the following: (1) What did you think of the lesson plan? (e.g., Did the lesson plan provide you with a useful model for implementation of the YIPPEE product? Did the lesson plan generate ideas for you of how you might use the product, etc.); AND (2) How will you adapt this lesson plan to meet your specific learning goals and the needs of your students? Participants who meet the Reflection Rubric requirements for their project will earn one (1) Continuing Education (CE) contact hour awarded by Kent State University AND will receive 100 YIPPEE points posted to their YIPPEE account.

Option 3: Lesson Plan Creation
Kent State registration required. Register here.
Earn 100 YIPPEE points
Earn 13 CE contact hours (no cost) OR 1 graduate workshop credit hour ($165 tuition fee)
Create and post your own original lesson plan that encompasses one or more YIPPEE resources. Participants pursuing this option will register with Kent State University and select to earn thirteen (13) Continuing Education (CE) contact hours (no cost) OR earn one (1) graduate workshop credit hour ($165 tuition fee). Participants must meet all Lesson Plan Rubric requirements to earn the CE hours or the graduate credit hour. Participants who submit a lesson plan that meets all rubric requirements will also receive 100 points posted to their YIPPEE account.


Teaching & Learning in the AT&T Classroom

Teachers may earn contact hours or graduate credit for a personalized professional learning experience with RCET's AT&T Classroom. See our About the AT&T Classroom page for details.



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