Professional Development Opportunities

YIPPEE for Professional Learning!

Dates: Now through May 1, 2024 (Online, asynchronous; join at any time)

Refresh and recharge your professional toolkit by exploring the YIPPEE Exchange Marketplace. YIPPEE is a first-of-its-kind digital marketplace designed to connect educators to a host of free entrepreneurship education resources and to one another. As part of the YIPPEE community, educators are empowered to explore a wide range of products in a single place and share their experiences to ensure the best products make their way to kids.

Participants will earn a certificate of 15 contact hours [free registration] or may opt to earn one graduate workshop credit hour with a tuition fee of $165.  This workshop has a grading scale of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. Projects must receive a rubric rating score of 20 or higher and be uploaded to YIPPEE in order to receive a grade of Satisfactory and earn the contact hours or graduate credit hour.


Teaching & Learning in the AT&T Classroom

Teachers may earn contact hours or graduate credit for a personalized professional learning experience with RCET's AT&T Classroom. See our About the AT&T Classroom page for details.



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