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eWriters for Math and Early Literacy

Investigation of eWriters for Math and Early Literacy

With funding from the National Science Foundation, RCET and Kent State faculty collaborated with Kent Displays, Inc. (KDI) to investigate the use of eWriter tablets in three learning contexts: early literacy, elementary math, and college note taking. Findings from the early literacy study were reported in LiteracyDAILY and Solution Tree Blog.

Full Links for Articles:

Ferdig, R.E., Pytash, K.E., Kosko, K.W., & Dunlosky, J. (2017, April). E-Writers: How Do They Influence Student Writing Motivation and Self-Efficacy? LiteracyDAILY [Online serial], available from: https://www.literacyworldwide.org/blog/literacy-daily/2017/04/07/e-write...

Pytash, K.E., Ferdig, R.E., Dunlosky, J., Kosko, K.W. (2017, May). Using eWriters to support reading and writing instruction. Solution Tree Blog [Online serial], available from: https://www.solutiontree.com/blog/ewriters-support-reading-and-writing-i...