AT&T Classroom Underway

2014-15 School Year Underway in the AT&T Classroom

RCET is very excited to welcome the following teachers and schools to the AT&T Classroom:

  • Campus Elementary, Streetsboro City Schools: Mrs. Annette Loomis, Grade 2
  • Carlin Elementary, Ravenna City Schools: Mrs. Robin Duff, Grade 1
  • Echo Hills Elementary,  Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools: Mrs. Jamie DeLorenzo and Mrs. Rebecca Miller, Grade 4
  • Fishcreek Elementary, Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools: Mr. Josh Walters, Grade 3
  • Kent Roosevelt High School, Kent City Schools: Teachers Rhonda Butler (Teaching Professions) and Jaclyn Consilio Mahony (English Language Arts)
  • Riverview Elementary,  Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools: Mrs. Alissa Nichols, Grade 1
  • The Lippman School: Teachers Shelby Detrick (Grade 1) and Beth Gibbons (Grade 2)
  • Walls Elementary, Kent City Schools: Mrs. Kristin Blake, Grade 3

District recruitment for AT&T Classroom participation takes place each Spring.  Prior to the experience, RCET staff work with the teachers to explore digital tools and resources and to assist with unit/lesson development.  Highlights from the participating classes are posted on RCET’s Blog and Facebook page.

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