Appendices (to be used as indicated in the application forms)

NEW Appendix A1 - Research personnel for exempt studies - if your study is exempt, use this form to manage study personnel. 

Appendix A — Addition of KSU Co-PI or Key Personnel

Appendix B — Addition of External Co-PI or Key Personnel

Appendix C — Data Repositories

Appendix D — Deception

Appendix E — Devices

Appendix F — Drugs and Biologics

Appendix G — Genetic Testing

Appendix H — Biological Specimens Repository

Appendix I — Children

Appendix J — Non-English Speaking Participants

Appendix K — Pregnant Women, Fetuses, Neonates

Appendix L — Prisoners

Appendix M1 — Waiver of Alteration of Consent Process

Appendix M2 — Waiver of Consent Documentation

Appendix N — Use of HIPAA Regulated Data - NEW - all projects that require HIPAA Compliance review will be reviewed during a HIPAA team meeting on the the third Thursday of the month. This is due to the significantly increased number of requests that require HIPAA Compliance review. PIs will be invited to the meeting.

Appendix O — RETIRING SOON! Multi-site Study

Appendix P — Collection of Family History Data

Appendix Q — Blood, Injections, or Surgical Procedure

Appendix R — RETIRED! See Event Reporting form under Other Submission. Adverse Event Involving Risks to Subjects or Others

Appendix S — Change in Principal Investigator

Appendix U — International Setting

Appendix V — Radiation

Appendix W — Adults With Decisional Impairment

Appendix Y — RETIRED! Student Recruitment Online Pools

Appendix Z — Conflict of Interest for Human Subjects Research