Templates (consent and recruitment)

Note: consent forms should be written in a way that facilitates participant comprehension. The general recommendation form the Office of Human Research Protections is that consent forms should read at an 8th grade level. Follow these instructions to check the readability of your consent form.

Consent Template — (revised 2/8/19) a template that can be used for most studies

Parental Consent Template — a template to be used for parental consent 

Audio/Video Consent Form - RETIRED, relevant information has been merged with the "consent template." 

Online Study Consent Template - a template to be used for online studies

Letter of Support — A sample letter of support for research from a school/institution/entity, to be used as a template by the investigator.

Recruitment Guidance and Template — This includes information on participant recruitment (including the use of social media) and includes templates for letter, email, and flier recruitment. 

Debriefing Template - for deception studies - a template to be used when creating a debriefing script.

Referral Template - This template provides counseling referral contact information for projects that involve sensitive or emotional content. This is not a referral procedure - investigators are responsible for developing their own procedures. 

Exempt/Level I Survey and Interview Consent Templates