Affiliated Faculty


Dr. Robert J. Clements, Department of Biological Sciences

Robert Clements

Dr. Clements is a research assistant professor in the Department of Biological Sciences. He is currently investigating the effect of stereoscopic images on learning and cognition and studying/developing non-invasive measures of neurodegenerative disease states. His recently funded, completed research and published manuscripts focus on the effect of neurodegenerative diseases on cortical networks as well as stereoscopic learning techniques. He is using EEG recordings to assess mechanisms of cortical disruption associated with neurological disease states with the potential for providing early detection and therapeutic interventions. In addition, over the past few years Dr. Clements has been engaging in significant outreach activities with area high schools and has incorporated stereoscopic 3D content into the classroom and published open-source 3D learning tools. Related work focuses on elucidating underlying mechanisms of stereoscopic perception and its beneficial impact on learning/retention and translating this to the k-12 classroom.

Dr. Christopher D. Moore, Department of Criminal Justice & Sociology, King's College

Christopher D. Moore

Dr. Moore is a Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at King’s College and Director of their Forensic Studies program. The focus of his research is on how individual self and identity structures influence leadership and deviant behavior, especially interpersonal violence and self-destructive behaviors (e.g., suicide). An emphasis of his recent collaberative work is to examine the efficacy of immersive virtual reality to improve responses to potentially violent social situations. Dr. Moore is also a former U.S. Marine Corps military police/criminal investigator.