• We took the ENLoK on the road for one week in July (of 2023) and put our remote data collection skills to the test. Mission accomplished. 45 participants in four days! Great work, team! Stay tuned for details on the research project!
  • Dr. Kalkhoff was awarded a faculty fellowship with the Design Innovation Hub for the 2023-2024 academic year. The DI Faculty Fellows program "creates space and time for existing faculty members from ANY field to devote some of their teaching, research and scholarly focus to collaborative, cross-disciplinary projects and DI co-teaching experiences" (DI Faculty Fellows Program | Kent State University). 
  • Cheryl Swinehart Dariushnia
    We are grateful to Ali Dariushnia, a 2019 graduate of KSU and son of the late Cheryl Swinehart Dariushnia, for a generous gift of $50,000 to our laboratory. Mrs. Dariushnia, who graduated from KSU in 1977 with a degree in nursing, had a lifelong interest in sociology. In honor of Mrs. Dariushnia, we renamed the virtual reality wing of our lab the Cheryl Swinehart Dariushnia Laboratory. The renaming was approved by President Diacon in December of 2022. Thank you, Ali, for your wonderful support. We will do our best to honor your mother's legacy through research and development dedicated to improving the understanding and practice of team performance under threat, including especially in the medical, first responder, and law enforcement professions.
  • A short video describing the lab's research with the Kent Police, the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy, and MILO, an international leader in scenario-based law enforcement and military training. 

  • Journal of Police & Criminal Psychology
    The camera monitoring study that we completed with support from the Kent Police Department and OPOTA is out. You can access the article here: The Effects of Camera Monitoring on Police Officer Performance in Critical Incident Situations: a MILO Range Simulator Study
  • Dr. Kalkhoff was recently interviewed along with Dr. Rengin Firat and Dr. Kalina Michalska for the nationally ranked social science podcast, Annex Sociology Podcast

  • The ENLoK is forging exciting partnerships with several international companies. Stay tuned for details!
  • The VR lab has been getting a lot of attention lately. The lab was also mentioned in the "U.S. Army Morning Report" ( ) on June 7, 2021. The report is read by the Secretary of the Army at the top of the Army command and may go even higher. Exciting times for the ENLoK!
  • Dr. Kalkhoff and the ENLoK team won the 2021 Best Faculty Paper Award from the Evolution, Biology, and Society Section of the American Sociological Association for "Cracking the Black Box: Capturing the Role of Expectation State in Status Processes." Congrats ENLoK team!
  • Haley Crews joins our team of research assistants at the ENLoK. Welcome Haley!
  • The lab's latest publication came out on July 28 in the online magazine, This View of Life. You can read it here
  • Construction has begun on the new VR lab! Stay tuned for details...
  • Stanley Xiao has joined our team of research assistants at the ENLoK. Welcome Stanley!
  • Virtual Reality is coming to the ENLoK! Dr. Pollock and Dr. Kalkhoff recently received generous funding to build a two-person VR lab, complete with state-of-the-art headsets and 360-degree treadmills--all to be fully integrated with the ENLoK's existing physiological measurement technology. Remodeling of the laboratory space to accommodate the new equipment is set to begin soon. Check back for details. The lab is planning a grand-opening VR haunted house party for the fall of 2020. 
  • Dr. Will Kalkhoff has joined the Executive Committee of KSU's new Brain Health Research Institute. Congratulations, Dr. Kalkhoff!
  • Chloe Miller joins our team of research assistants at the ENLoK. Welcome Chloe!
  • Our paper, "Cracking the Black Box: Capturing the Role of Expectation States in Status Processes," will be coming out in the March 2020 issue of Social Psychology Quarterly.
  • Research Team Coordinator and doctoral candidate, Brennan Miller, publishes his M.A. thesis in Social Psychology Quarterly. The paper, entitled "Persistent Identity Threats: Emotional and Neurological Responses," is available HERE. Congrats, Brennan!
  • Daniel Burrill joins our team of research assistants at the ENLoK. Welcome Daniel!
  • Dr. Kalkhoff and Dr. Pollock receive $360,000 from the Army Research Office to study team perception and performance under threat. 
  • "The Neural Bases of Status-Based Influence," the lab's first collaborative fMRI project with Dr. David Melamed at the Ohio State University (and a Kent M.A. graduate), is now available online.
  • ENLoK Executive Director, Dr. Will Kalkhoff, and Dr. David Melamed (the Ohio State University) receive $183,000 from the Army Research Office to study the neurodynamics of status.
  • The lab's first publication is out! The article, entitled "Neural Processing of Identity-Relevant Feedback," can be accessed HERE (pdf)