Research Assistants


Daniel Burill, M.A.

Daniel Burrill
Daniel Burrill is a graduate student studying Sociology at Kent State University. His research interests fall within social psychology and are focused on group processes and status. His Master’s thesis explored the effects of status mobility on interactions within small groups. He holds B.A.s in in Sociology and Political Science and an M.A. in Sociology from UNC Charlotte.



Chloe Miller, B.S.

Chloe Miller
Chloe Miller is a graduate student at Kent State University studying sociology. Her research interests include social psychology, social neuroscience, inequality, gender and sexuality, and interpersonal relationships. She holds a B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of Mount Union.




Jon Overton, M.A.

Jon Overton
Jon Overton is a graduate student studying sociology at Kent State University. His research interests include social psychology, biosociology, and organizations. Across these subfields, status, power, emotion, and identity processes are of primary interest. His Master’s Thesis extends expectation states theory to explain "status contagion," how status spreads from person to person. He holds B.A.s in Sociology and Ethics & Public Policy from the University of Iowa.


Stanley Xiao

Stanley Xiao
Stanley Xiao is an undergraduate student double-majoring in Psychology and Sociology with a minor in Religious Studies. His interests include comparative religion, the neurosociology of surveillance, behavioral genetics, and the neuropsychology of empathy and guilt. He aspires to conduct social neuroscience research on the formation of political beliefs, religious convictions, social personalities, and vocational interests.