Career Development

Prior to the Internship, Co-op, & Career Fair each semester, we partner with Career Exploration and Development to provide students a holistic career development workshop.  Whether creating a brand new resume or cover letter, polishing an existing one, or honing your interviewing skills, students leave our Go Pro! event confident and ready to meet with potential future employers.

Whether searching for an on-campus job, a summer internship or preparing for full-time employment as you near graduation, we can help!  In addition to providing direct referrals to Career Exploration and Development, our staff show students how to utilize the Flash @ Work system and are also willing to provide letters of recommendation.

To ensure students are prepared for on-campus banquets, the possibility of a lunch interview, or a company-sponsored dinner, we provide opportunities for students to gain meaningful etiquette practice on-campus.  These etiquette dinner workshops are designed to help students learn proper table manners, teach the appropriate time to use the utensils at your place setting, how to signal that you are done with your meal or would like coffee, and what potential employers may notice while you are dining with them.

Many managers within corporate organizations report that new college graduates: do not possess critical thinking or problem-solving skills; pay attention to detail; and would do well to hone their communication skills, develop their capacity to lead, as well as strengthen their interpersonal and teamwork skills. To address the skills gaps referenced by managers, the Empowered Leader course provides students an opportunity to understand skills necessary to thrive in the workplace and practice those skills in a developmental coaching environment.