Student Employment


Our student staff bring great energy to our community and assist in fostering a sense of belonging within Student Support Services!

Peer Learning Assistant

What Does a Peer Learning Assistant Do?
A Peer Learning Assistant assists program-eligible students achieve academic success through engaging, subject-specific tutoring sessions. In addition to subject-specific tutoring, they assist students in developing and strengthening effective study techniques for use in and out of the classroom and help students as they navigate the University environment by serving as a resource to make referrals as necessary.

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Peer Mentor

What Does a Peer Mentor Do?
A Peer Mentor conducts engaging mentoring sessions and develops enduring, trusting relationships with program-eligible students. Peer Mentoring sessions are designed to assist students with the college transition, help students develop effective study skills and learning strategies to apply across all disciplines, and encourage students to become more involved on campus through leadership development.

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Desk Assistant

What Does a Desk Assistant Do?
A Desk Assistant creates a welcoming environment for all students and guests visiting Student Support Services. They are responsible for greeting visitors, answering phones, and providing administrative support to staff. As a member of our team, they also assist in promoting our workshops, events, and trips.

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