Student Involvement

Student Support Services is committed to providing programming that contributes to the personal and professional success of our students.

Academic Excellence

Adjusting to the stressful demands of college can be tough.  So, to help you develop and maintain a work-life balance, SSS offers FREE workshops dedicated to helping you take control of your personal development and well-being.  Our personal development and well-being workshop topics, including some past examples, include:

  • What’s Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type?
  • Personal Strengths Assessment
  • Ways to Eat Healthy on Campus
  • Stress Management Tips and Activities

Civic Responsibility

If you aren’t yet sure if graduate school is for you, or if you are already set on the path towards a graduate degree, we’ve got you covered. SSS offers FREE workshops dedicated to helping you explore the possibilities surrounding and benefits of a graduate education. Our graduate school exploration and preparation workshop topics, including some past examples, include:

  • Application Process and Admission Requirements
  • Entrance Exam Information and Preparation
  • What is the TRIO McNair Scholar’s Program?
  • Campus Visits to Nearby Colleges & Universities
  • Graduate Assistantships: I Can Get my Graduate Degree for Free?

Cultural Competence

Kent State and Northeast Ohio are culturally rich, and SSS wants to ensure you are able to experience all that the campus and region have to offer!  Some past examples of our cultural immersion workshops and experiences include:

  • Study Abroad and National Student Exchange Opportunities
  • Tour the KSU Fashion Museum
  • Roam the Cleveland West Side Market
  • Explore the KSU May 4th Visitor’s Center
  • Cleveland Museum of Art

Financial Assistance

Whether it is searching for scholarships, completing the FAFSA, managing personal finances or figuring out the best way to pay back your student loans, SSS offers FREE workshops dedicated to helping you navigate the financial world.  Our financial awareness workshops topics, including some past examples, include:

  • Financial Aid (FAFSA) Completion Assistance
  • Searching for Scholarships and Grants
  • Student Loan Consolidation and Repayment
  • Personal Banking, Credit Cards, and Credit Scores

Personal and Professional Development

To ensure you are prepared for life after college, whether it be pursuing graduate school or starting your career, SSS offers FREE workshops dedicated to your professional development and success.  Our professional development workshop topics, including some past examples, include:

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Résumé
  • What to Include in a Cover Letter
  • Job Application Preparation through Mock Interviews
  • How To Professionally Utilize Social Media

Social Involvement

Want to know the best part about SSS?  We’re not all about business all the time – we have a lot of FUN too!  To provide you with opportunities to relax and enjoy the company of others within the SSS community, we organize and host social gatherings throughout the year.  Some past examples include, but are not limited to:

  • SSS Annual Game Night
  • Indoor Zip Lining and Trampoline Jumping at Zip City
  • Group Excursion to a Local Haunted House