Kent State University’s newest Flashfleet partnership with company VeoRide is changing the landscape of using a bike-share program on campus.

Flashfleet is a bike-share program Kent State has in place for students, faculty, staff and surrounding community members. The university uses a mobility share company to partner with, and this year has introduced VeoRide.

After the previous Flashfleet program’s company contract was up, Kent State held meetings with multiple different bike and mobility share companies to find a better fit for both Kent State and the Kent city community.

“We chose which company we thought would be best mainly for our students, but the community in general,” said Chris Lukas, assistant director for outdoor adventure with Recreational Services. “Students are our main focus, but the larger Kent community too. We try and include them when making bigger decisions.”

VeoRide is a mobility share company known for environmentally conscious practices, quality customer service and an easy-to-use app.

“Being the adventure center and being focused on the outdoors, just caring about the environmental aspects of their company is a big point of emphasis for us,” Lukas said.

The bike program offers multiple other benefits to students and community members, such as being a form of both exercise and quick and reliable transportation.

“I use the bikes just because it’s more convenient and quicker,” said Janki Desai, junior biology pre-med major who frequently uses the bikes. “I don’t have to rush to my classes, and I am able to use the bikes to get from place to place on campus. I also use them to ride around and get my exercise in. Sometimes I get tired of running and going to the gym. Having these bikes available to us is a good alternative to not owning a bike.”

The Flashfleet bikes are located nearly anywhere on campus and in surrounding areas in the city of Kent. When deciding to use a Flashfleet bike, people are prompted to download the VeoRide app, find bikes near them from the map feature and scan the QR code on the bike to unlock it. Renting the bikes costs only $0.50 every 15 minutes, and there are multiple other payment options available on the Flashfleet website.

“I like how accessible the bikes are and how quickly you can unlock and ride them,” said Kendall Straub, sophomore English major. “I also like how they’re all over campus.”

After riding, people are recommended to park the bikes in designated areas. VeoRide’s staff members monitor the bikes and will move it back to the designated area if a bike is left elsewhere.

Lukas said VeoRide bikes are not only accessible and environmentally friendly, but riding them presents many positive health benefits.

“Riding the bikes is a form of exercise,” Lukas said. “You’re burning calories and working on your leg muscles. Riding the bikes outside too, soaking in the sun rays, breathing in the fresh air, studies have shown that just being outside makes people happier and healthier.”

To learn more about Flashfleet, go to www.kent.edu/recservices/flashfleet.

To download the app, go to www.veoride.com.

By Leah Marxen

POSTED: Thursday, October 31, 2019 12:00 AM
Updated: Friday, December 9, 2022 09:23 AM