Communication, Media, and Marketing Policy


This Communication, Media, and Marketing Policy (“Policy” hereafter) sets forth how University College may communicate with parties external to University College, particularly media, vendors, government officials, government entities, and those who may use any of the University College brand, graphic elements, etc. The Policy applies to all University College professional staff, graduate assistants, and student workers.

Occasionally, staff may be contacted by various sources or the media requesting information about the College, its programs, its department, staff, directors, Deans, or operations. To ensure the information provided is accurate and complete, all inquiries regarding University College, its Departments, programs, staff, etc. must first be referred to the Dean’s Office Communication & Marketing person (currently the Director for Strategic Initiatives).  All requests for interviews will require the requesting party to furnish their questions ahead of an interview being granted. Upon receiving the questions, a minimum of 48 hours should be allowed for review and consultation with the individual to be interviewed.

General Guidelines for all communications outside of University College

All communications outside of University College must be vetted through an approval process starting with the Dean’s Office Communication & Marketing representative (currently the Director for Strategic Initiatives) before responding, purchasing, printing, or distributing.

The methods that must be reviewed include but not limited to:

  • Requests for interviews, news releases, and media inquiries.
  • Printed materials such as promotional items, t-shirts, newsletters, articles, and brochures.
  • Electronic materials such as email, postings to web sites or social media sites.

Any University College staff member who has a concern should notify the Director of Strategic Initiatives for resolution of the issue. Lastly, please allow a minimum of 48 hours for a response.

Engaging government officials or entities

University policy 3342-5-03 Regarding Engagement with Government Officials and Entities (Revised and effective May 1, 2016) details specific information establishing the approval process for interactions with such individuals and entities.

The official policy can be found at As it pertains to University College, you should contact the Dean’s Office Communication & Marketing representative with any questions about your engagement with government officials or entities.

Crisis events

In the event of a crisis, no University College staff member should engage any member of the media. During a crisis event, staff should defer to the Dean’s Office Communication & Marketing representative or the Kent State University Executive Director of Media Relations.