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Essay Award Winners

2017: "Constructing Knowledge about China and Chinese Americans with Young Adult Literature" by Lina Sun. VOYA Magazine, June 2016.


2015: "Heather is 25! So, What Literature Featuring Gays and Lesbians is Available for Primary Grades Today?” by Karla J. Moller. Journal of Children's Literature, Spring 2014.

2014: "Children’s Voices: Reactions to a Criminal Justice Issue Picture Book," by Mary Ellen Oslick. The Reading Teacher, April 2013.

2013: "Using Urban Fiction to engage At-Risk and Incarcerated Youths in Literacy Instruction," by Stephanie F. Guerra. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, February 2012.

2012: "To Be Young, Gifted, Black and Lesbian: Wyeth and Woodson, Models for Saving a Life," by Ruth Caillouet. The ALAN Review, Fall 2011.

2011: "Negotiating Understanding Through the Young Adult Literature of Muslim Cultures," by Allison L. Baer and Jacqueline N. Glasgow. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy (September 2010).

2010: "Mahjong, World War II, and Ethnic Chinese in Multicultural Youth Literature," by Minjie Chen.

2009: "Opening Doors Visual and Textual Analyses of Diverse Latino Subcultures in Americas Picture Books," by Jamie C. Naidoo. Children & Libraries (Summer/Fall 2008).

2008: "Celebrating Diversity Through Explorations of Arab Children's Literature" by Tami Craft Al-Hazza and Robert Lucking. Childhood Education (Spring 2007), pp. 132-135.

2007: "Deaf Culture Values through Children's Literature" by Jean F. Andrews. Multicultural Review, 15:1 (Spring 2006) pp. 25-26.

2006: "Unwrapping the Pojagi: Traditional Values and Changing Times in a Survey of Korean–American Juvenile Literature," by Belinda Y. Louie. Children's Literature in Education, 36:2, pp. 173-195.

2005: "Explorations of Latina/o Realistic Fiction Through Drama" by Carmen Medina. Drama Education (ReDe), 9:2 (Spring 2004) pp. 145-160.

2004: "Exploring Literature with Gay and Lesbian Characters in Elementary School," by Bu Janine Schall and Gloria Kaufman. Journal of Children's Literature, 29:1 (Spring 2003).

2003: "The Spirit of A People: Hmong American Life Stories," by Mary Louise Buley-Meissner. Language Arts, 79:4 (March 2002).

2002: Not awarded

2001: Not awarded

2000: "Weaving world understanding: The importance of translations in international children's literature, by R.J. Wells. Children's Literature in Education, 30(1), (1999), pp. 65-81.

1999: "'Keepin' it real': Walter Dean Myers and the Promise of African-American Children's Literature," by R.D. Lang. African American Review, 32(1), (Spring 1998), pp. 125-139.

1998: "Selecting Children's Picture Books With Strong Black Fathers, and Father Figures," by Craig Heller. Multicultural Review, March 1997.

1997: "Continuing Dilemmas, Debates, and Delights in Multicultural Literature," by Violet Harris. The New Advocate, 9, No. 2, Spring, 1996.

1996: "Against Borders," by Hazel Rochman. The Horn Book Magazine, 71:2 (March-April, 1995), 144-157.

1995: "Academic Guidelines for Selecting Multiethnic and Multicultural Literature," by Sandra Stotsky. English Journal, 83:2 (February, 1994), 27-34.

1994: "Issues in Selecting Multicultural Children's Literature," by Junko Yokota. Language Arts, 70:3 (March, 1993), 156-167.

1993: Not awarded

1992: "Teaching Multicultural Literature in the Reading Curriculum," by Donna E. Norton. The Reading Teacher, 44:1 (September, 1990), 28-40.1993: "A Balanced View of Acculturation: Comments on Lawrence [sic] Yep's Three Novels," by Mingshui Cai. Children's Literature in Education, 23:2 (June, 1992), 107-118.

1991: "Recreating Black Life in Children's Literature," by Jean St. Claire. Interracial Books for Children Bulletin, 19:3/4 (Fall/Winter, 1989), 7-11.