Essay Award Winners

2018: "Nuestros Cuentos: Fostering a Comunidad de Cuentistas Through Collaborative Storytelling with Latinx and Indigenous Youth" by J. Estrella Torrez, Santos Ramos and Everardo Cuevas (Michigan State University) and Laura Gonzales and Victor Del Hierro (University of Texas at El Paso). The Bilingual Review, May 2017.

  • Honor Award: "Check Your Privilege: Why Diverse Literature Is Essential for Gifted Students" by Sara Newell (Charles Townes Center at Sterling School). Gifted Child Today, April 2017.
  • Honor Award: "Decentering Whiteness and Monolingualism in the Reception of Latinx YA Literature" by Ashley Hope Pérez and Patricia Enciso (The Ohio State University). The Bilingual Review, May 2017.
  • Honor Award: "Valuing the Lives and Experiences of English Learners: Widening the Landscape of Children’s Literature" by Melanie D. Koss and Mayra C. Daniel (Northern Illinois University). TESOL Journal, August 2017.

2017: "Constructing Knowledge about China and Chinese Americans with Young Adult Literature" by Lina Sun. VOYA Magazine, June 2016.


2015: "Heather is 25! So, What Literature Featuring Gays and Lesbians is Available for Primary Grades Today?” by Karla J. Moller. Journal of Children's Literature, Spring 2014.

2014: "Children’s Voices: Reactions to a Criminal Justice Issue Picture Book," by Mary Ellen Oslick. The Reading Teacher, April 2013.

2013: "Using Urban Fiction to engage At-Risk and Incarcerated Youths in Literacy Instruction," by Stephanie F. Guerra. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, February 2012.

2012: "To Be Young, Gifted, Black and Lesbian: Wyeth and Woodson, Models for Saving a Life," by Ruth Caillouet. The ALAN Review, Fall 2011.

2011: "Negotiating Understanding Through the Young Adult Literature of Muslim Cultures," by Allison L. Baer and Jacqueline N. Glasgow. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy (September 2010).

2010: "Mahjong, World War II, and Ethnic Chinese in Multicultural Youth Literature," by Minjie Chen.

2009: "Opening Doors Visual and Textual Analyses of Diverse Latino Subcultures in Americas Picture Books," by Jamie C. Naidoo. Children & Libraries (Summer/Fall 2008).

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2002: "A Sea of Good Intentions: Native Americans in Books for Children," by Melissa Kay Thompson. The Lion and the Unicorn 25:3 (September 2001), 353-374.

2001: Two recipients:

  • "A New Algorithm in Evil: Children's Literature in a Post-Holocaust World," by Elizabeth R. Baer. The Lion and the Unicorn 24:3 (September 2000), 378-401.
  • "Country Roads, Hollers, Coal Towns, and Much More: A Teacher's Guide to Teaching about Appalachia," by William T. Owens. The Social Studies 91:4 (July/August 2000), 178-186.

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1991: "Recreating Black Life in Children's Literature," by Jean St. Claire. Interracial Books for Children Bulletin, 19:3/4 (Fall/Winter 1989), 7-11.