2021 Climate Study Status

The Kent State University Climate Study, “Race: Our Voices Count,” survey was sent to Kent State students, faculty and staff at our Northeast Ohio locations in spring 2021. Since the survey response period closed, the climate study team leads and qualitative and quantitative analysis teams are currently reviewing the data.

Our Voices: 2021 Climate Study on Race

Preliminary benchmark comparisons to the 2016 climate study, as well as some comparative overview qualitative data for students and employees, are included in the presentation posted. In addition, the quantitative aggregated and disaggregated analysis, and the remaining qualitative aggregated and disaggregated analysis are provided. In terms of next steps, the teams will continue to share reports as soon as they are available.

Access the 2021 Climate Study Preliminary Update

Anticipated Timeline

  • March 2022: Preliminary results shared and continued data analysis
  • April 2022
    • Full Quantitative report
    • Qualitative Initial Trends Release
  • May 2022:
    • College and Campus Reports with Recommendations
    •  Full Qualitative Analysis Report Release
  • June 2022: Full Qualitative Analysis Report Release