Adobe InDesign Essentials

November 6 through December 1, 2023
Price: $225

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Course Overview

Adobe InDesign is the industry standard page-layout program that works with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop seamlessly. InDesign allows you to create simple to complex multi-page documents such as brochures, flyers, books and magazines. This course is a comprehensive exploration of InDesign tools and capabilities to create professional documents. You will learn how to manage the InDesign environment, create, setup, design, enhance and finalize multi-page documents.

*Access to Adobe InDesign software required.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Layout a multi-page print document in Adobe InDesign and create a print-ready PDF file
  • Work with font, character, paragraph and typography basics in InDesign
  • Insert and edit text, objects and picture frames
  • Draw shapes
  • Work with color panels to create and apply colors and gradients

Course Objectives

  • To learn about Adobe InDesign CC interface and work with menus, tools and panels
  • To setup and modify multi-page documents
  • To work with page settings and layout options and apply automatic pagination
  • To insert images and illustrations in a multi-page document
  • To work with color panels to create, manage, edit and apply color
  • To work with type tools to create and apply character and paragraph styles
  • To create print-ready PDF files


Unit One – Getting to Know the Interface and Setting up a Document

  • Interface menus
  • Tools
  • Panels
  • Starting and setting up a multi-page document in InDesign

Unit Two – Working with Objects and Color

  • Learning to work with color panels
  • Creating, managing and applying color to elements
  • Inserting and managing images and illustrations into an InDesign document

Unit Three – Working with Text

  • Learning about insert and flow text to multiple pages
  • Managing long text documents
  • Text editing in InDesign documents

Unit Four – Typography

  • Advance typography tools and menus
  • Character and paragraph settings and styles
  • Creating print-ready PDF files