Business Writing

September 5 through September 29, 2023
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Course Overview

Take away the key practices you need to develop and hone your business writing communication effectively and successfully. Get the best practices for crafting effective, professional business documents. Find out how to avoid grammatical pitfalls. And acquire business writing principles that will be good for years to come.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course, participants will:

  • Recognize and avoid grammatical errors that affect successful written communication
  • Successfully apply effective proofreading and editing techniques to business documents
  • Implement techniques for improving overall writing 
  • Use their knowledge of the best practices to craft effective business documents
  • Improve overall competence in business writing

Course Objectives

Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of common grammar issues that affect successful writing
  • Gain an understanding of the principles of effective writing
  • Gain an understanding of best practices for improving overall writing 
  • Apply the principles of effective business writing to hone communication skills 
  • Develop competence in business writing


Unit One – Writing as a Process

  • Audience, Purpose and Medium
  • Outlining for Successful Writing
  • Organization Models (Choosing a Model that Works)
  • Principles of Business Communication

Unit Two – Written Communication in the Workplace

  • Writing Reports (formal and informal)
  • Drafting and Revision
  • Writing the First Draft
  • Constructing Openings and Closings that Work

Unit Three – Writing a Proposal

  • Writing for Your Readers
  • Writing Effective Content
  • Safeguarding Users
  • Ethical Considerations

Unit Four – Collaborative Writing and Research

  • Research and Team Writing
  • Collaborating Across Departments
  • Working Through Conflict