Entrepreneur Boot Camp

September 3 through September 27, 2024
Price: $195

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Course Overview

Starting a business is something that all of us have thought about at one time or another. Everyone wants to be their own boss. Yet statistics show that most businesses fail within the first five years. This course provides insight into the characteristics, knowledge and skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to identify the abilities required of successful entrepreneurs and how to acquire them, develop goals to help establish their business, develop an outline for their plan and take home techniques to successfully manage their new business.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the knowledge, skills and abilities required of successful entrepreneurs and how to acquire them
  • Develop goals to help establish their business
  • Understand how to establish a legal business entity
  • Develop an outline for their business plan
  • Know how to use technology to make their business more professional
  • Generate ideas on what types of business to consider
  • Determine if starting a business is right for them

Course Objectives

  • To provide individuals with information about starting a business
  • To identify the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs
  • To identify the importance of goal setting and planning
  • To understand how technology is used by businesses
  • To provide guidance on record keeping for businesses
  • To provide information on grants and government business programs


Unit One 

  • What is an Entrepreneur? 
  • Checklist For Going Into Business
  • Are You A Potential Entrepreneur?
  • Success, Self-Esteem and Goals
  • Brainstorming Business Ideas

Unit Two 

  • As You Start Your Business
  • Selecting A Legal Structure
  • Licensing And Registrations
  • Planning Your Business

Unit Three

  • Using Technology
  • The Essential Eleven Computer Skills
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Internet Opportunities

Unit Four

  • Managing Your Business
  • Financial Statements
  • Record Keeping And Taxes
  • Grants And Government Programs