Evaluating Employee Performance to Drive Accountability

Dissatisfaction with traditional performance management processes are on the rise, highlighted by a recent study indicating that more than 75 percent of managers, employees and human resources leaders feel that performance management results are ineffective and/or inaccurate. Additionally performance reviews are dreaded by most managers and seem to demotivate and disengage rather than inspire employees to work more efficiently and productively. 

In this program, you will learn how to put value back into your performance review process by understanding the key components of a successful performance management system. Learn to: 

  • Provide Effective Feedback
  • Complete Actionable Performance Reviews that Drive Accountability 
  • Avoid Common Rating Errors
  • Conduct Calibration Discussions

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site for your employees and leaders.

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Kristy Frieden Kristy Frieden

Kristy Frieden, MS, specializes in motivating, training and coaching professionals, executives and physicians in the areas of leadership, customer service, emotional intelligence and employee engagement.

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“This program was very beneficial to the workplace, and I believe everyone learned a lot and will be able to put the material to good use in the future.”

Keith Grothaus, Management Training Program Associate, Associated Materials