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Talent development programs may be taken individually to develop a particular competency or in combination with other programs to earn a certificate. Kent State's Center for Corporate and Professional Development can also work with you to tailor any program and deliver it onsite for your employee group.

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Each One Teach One: Engaging Employees in Experiential Learning

This program builds on what was learned in the fundamentals for designing the learning experience program and takes a deeper look at training and instruction. Read More About This Program

Effective Business Writing Techniques

The focus of this program is on the study and application of best practices for writing in today’s diverse, digital and intercultural workplace. Read More About This Program

Effective Communication

In this program, participants will define the key elements of effective interpersonal communication and learn to apply the Communication Model. Each individual will identify their Personal Interaction Style and the style of others. Read More About This Program

Effective Copywriting

SESSION OPTIONS: March 7 through April 4, 2022 OR Read More About This Program

Effective Listening Skills

This program will assist participants in determining their strengths and areas of opportunity for improvement in their listening. Read More About This Program