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Talent development programs may be taken individually to develop a particular competency or in combination with other programs to earn a certificate. Kent State's Center for Corporate and Professional Development can also work with you to tailor any program and deliver it onsite for your employee group.

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Using DiSC to Improve Communications

Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the DiSC® model of human behavior and social styles using a series of videos and interactive activities. They will gain an in-depth understanding of their own style and how to adapt it to improve communications. They will also learn how to read others’ styles and, therefore, how to connect better with them. Read More About This Program

Understanding Emotional Intelligence to Increase Your Effectiveness

Participants will understand the definition of emotional intelligence (EI), define the four components of EI and related competences, identify strategies for enhancing your EI and define an emotionally intelligent culture. Additionally, participants will understand the process of achieving an emotionally intelligent culture and how to identify strengths and opportunities in your current leadership approach. Read More About This Program

Understanding Debits and Credits

SESSION OPTIONS: February 7, through March 4, 2022; Read More About This Program

Turning Conflict Into Collaboration

Conflict is natural within the workplace and a predictable part of working with others. Yet unresolved conflict negatively affects morale, motivation, communication, attitudes and productivity. Handled appropriately your conflict can lead to positive, cooperative situations. Read More About This Program

Theory of Constraints

A system is only as strong as its weakest link. Generally, Lean tools that teach us how to create flow ignore this. We are taught to balance the line to takt time and miraculously flow will occur. How is that working out for you? Many systems have bottlenecks (constraints). These can frequently stop Lean flow tactics dead in their tracks. Understanding how to exploit constraints rather than surrendering to them is what Theory of Constraints is all about. This program will show those already trained in Lean how to blend Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints into the most powerful continuous improvement model ever created. Read More About This Program