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Talent development programs may be taken individually to develop a particular competency or in combination with other programs to earn a certificate. Kent State's Center for Corporate and Professional Development can also work with you to tailor any program and deliver it onsite for your employee group.

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Problem Solving

This program will provide an operational definition for Problem Solving along with the concepts and tools required fo Read More About This Program

Prioritizing Projects, To-Do Lists and Interruptions

This program is for busy managers, supervisors, leaders and professionals who need to juggle multiple projects, tasks and interruptions. Learn to shrink your to-do list, manage interruptions and control large and small projects. Read More About This Program

Preventing Workplace Harassment

In this program, the participants will define and understand harassment terminology so that they can recognize what is and is not unlawful harassment and how to report it. The participants will understand the company policy and complaint process for victims of, and witnesses to workplace harassment. They will be encouraged to follow company policies and procedures with regard to consensual dating in the workplace and the parameters of displaying religious materials in the workplace. Participants will identify appropriate vs. inappropriate physical behavior and set appropriate expectations with regard to harassment at organization parties or other off-site events. The participants will identify ways to contribute to a respectful work environment. Read More About This Program

Presenting a Persuasive Business Case

Achieving buy-in from decision-makers requires a concisely prepared and dynamically presented persuasive message. Read More About This Program

Positioning Yourself as a Brand Ambassador

This program builds on what was learned in the fundamentals for designing the learning experience program and takes a deeper look at training and instruction. Read More About This Program