Leading with Temperament Strengths

In this eight-hour program, you will:

  • Review Principles of Temperament Theory and Discuss its Relevance in Leadership Development 
  • Discover Your Individual Temperament Blend and Associated Leadership Behaviors
  • Identify Ways to Satisfy Temperament Needs and Recognize the Situations That Thwart Them
  • Discuss How Temperament Can Influence Problem-Solving Strategies and Goal Attainment

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site for your employees and leaders.

Discuss Your Objectives


"It truly has been phenomenal; it’s the easiest process I have ever gone through. We basically pick the course, the trainer will customize it for us, we send a list of names and that’s all we have to do. It is the easiest program we have ever done."

Ashley Petrecca, Director of Human Resources,

Pepperl+Fuchs  Inc.