Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training and Certification

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Black Belts are the elite problem solvers for organizations. The Master Black Belt designation is the highest order of this respected practice. Master Black Belts are generally full-time agents for continuous improvement, facilitators, teachers and journeyman practitioners of Lean and Six Sigma. They are efficient and effective in team facilitation and leadership. The Master Black Belt is a teacher (Sensi), communicator, and motivator. The Master Black Belt must work equally well with senior leadership and the workers in order to achieve operational excellence.

Kent State's Master Black Belt Certification is two weeks in length, offered one week each month for two months. The purpose of the program is to further develop already successful and practicing Black Belts. The primary tools of Lean Six Sigma will  be reviewed prior to moving to more advanced tools regarding statistical methods and Lean deployment. Participants will be further trained in project selection and filtering. Whether you are in the business of manufacturing, health care, service or transactional, the addition of a TOPS, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt puts you in the elite and global regions of business transformation. It is necessary that the participant have earned a Kent State University Black Belt certification as a prerequisite or be admitted upon approval of the instructor.

Week One:

  • Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints Strategy and Tactics
  • Lean Thinking Review
  • Six Sigma Review
  • Linking Team Oriented Problem Solving, Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma
  • How to Think About Data
  • MSA
  • Capability
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Team Facilitation

Week Two:

  • Design for Six Sigma
  • Team Dynamics
  • Control Plans
  • Advanced Minitab
  • Creating Power Users and Data Analysis
  • Leadership Skills for Master Black Belts
  • Using Design of Experiments to Generate Significant Process Improvements
  • Sustaining the Gains



Robert Skillman Robert Skillman

Kent State training and certification facilitator, Robert Skillman is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and a Lean Master Sensei who has been training and certifying Black Belts in Six Sigma and Lean methods since 1997.

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Stephen Skillman Stephen Skillman

Stephen Skillman is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt who facilitates the training of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belts at Kent State University. Skillman received his bachelor's degree in business administration from Lake Erie College.

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"I have learned more than I did in four weeks of Black Belt training at Motorola. You have a top notch class and I will recommend to others. Bob and Steve are great."

Linda Strub, Mercy Medical Center