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Africana Studies Program Flier

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Challenged the World’s Perception of Modern Africa with guest speaker Jean Engohang-Ndong, PhD. (4/13/23)

Africana Studies Program Flier

African Liberty Webinar

Tune in to learn about the Future of Africa’s Trade Relations with China and the US with Dr. Felix Kumah-Abiwu. (3/31/23)

Africana Studies Program Flier

African Communalism, Priority of Duties, and Substantive Human Rights with guest speaker Polycarp A. Ikuenobe, PhD.

Africana Studies Program Flier

Gender and Development in Africa and the African Diaspora with guest speakers Charmaine Crawford, Phd., Ikram Toumi, Phd., and Obianuju Genevieve Aguolu, MBBS, MPH, PhD. (10/28/21)

Africana Studies Program Flier

Exploring Africa's Current Events through the Past with guest speakers Dr. Babacar M'Baye, Dr. Timothy Scarnecchi, and Dr. Felix Kumah-Abiwu. (4/1/21)

UFH Fellows ignite cross-cultural dialogue at USA’s Kent State University through Ubuntu Heritage Fellowship

In a monumental cross-cultural exchange, a group of ten University of Fort Hare (UFH) students and staff, led by Dr. Nomzamo Dube at the UFH Centre of Transdisciplinary Studies, has embarked on a transformative journey to Kent State University (KSU) in the United States.(12/5/23)

South African Students Embraced by Their 'Cousins' Upon Arrival at Kent State

An exchange program, sponsored by the U.S. Embassy, sent Kent State students to South Africa in the spring, and now brings South African students to Kent.(12/1/23)

Africana studies department welcomes students from the University of Fort Hare

Kent State’s Africana studies department held a welcome ceremony Thursday morning for the delegation of students from the University of Fort Hare, a part of the Heritage Ubuntu Student Fellowship.(12/1/23)

Summer Study Abroad: Exploring Racial Histories of the United States and South Africa

Racial discrimination and segregation have left indelible marks on the histories of both the United States and South Africa. These legacies have shaped societies and continue to influence contemporary conversations on equality, justice, and progress.(8/25/23)

Kent State Student Takes Graduate Studies Abroad: Alicia Marchand in South Africa

Alicia Marchand, a student in the Master of Public Administration program with a graduate minor in Race, Gender, and Social Justice in the Department of Africana Studies, participated in the Faculty-Led: Heritage Ubuntu Student Project education abroad program in South Africa in late May to early June 2023.(8/24/23)

Gathering support for MEDCAMP attendance

Dr. Kumah-Abiwu happened upon the MEDCAMP webpage while searching NEOMED's website. He quickly decided that he wanted to support the program and provide opportunities for his students at Kent State to attend.(6/30/23)

Guyana-Ghana: Challenges & Opportunities in The Oil Sectors ~ Globespan24x7 Program

Check out the live-stream featuring Dr. Felix Kumah-Abiwu.(6/28/23)

Finding Community Abroad: Brian Johnson in South Africa

Kent State senior Brian Johnson recently returned from a 15-day education abroad program in South Africa.(6/23/23)

Promote political accountability - Dr Kumah-Abiwu charges Ghanaians

An Associate Professor at the Department of African Studies at Kent State University in the United States (US), Dr Felix Kumah-Abiwu, has called on Ghanaians to promote the culture of political accountability to consolidate the gains made in the country's democracy.(5/30/23)

South Africa Study Abroad

Earlier this week, the University of Fort Hare (UFH) Centre for Transdisciplinary welcomed students from Kent State University’s Centre for African Studies who are on the Heritage Ubuntu Fellowship.(5/25/23)

Pan-African festival shows “Faat Kiné” for African Cinema Night

During this year’s Pan-African Festival, the film “Faat Kiné,” which depicts a post-colonial Senegal and the place of women within that society, was shown during African Cinema Night Wednesday.(4/23/23)

VP Kamala Harris’ Africa Visit: Rethinking US-Africa Relations

Vice President Kamala Harris’ recent visit to Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia is a welcome step in the right direction in the US’s reengagement with Africa. (4/13/23)

Military Coups and Democratic Decay in West Africa: Why the Popular Support for these Coups?

The recent coups in West Africa are without question creating uncertainties about the democratic future of the sub-region. (4/10/23)

Africa’s Search for Permanent Seats on the UN Security Council: A Matter of Justice and Democratic Rights

The re-emergence of the debate to reform the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for a permanent seat or seats for Africa is a reminder of the prolonged struggle for justice and democratic rights for the continent.  (1/23/23)

For Browns tight end David Njoku, chief is now more than a nickname

David Njoku concedes he didn't really know how to react at first when the women of his family's Nigerian village bowed their heads to show him respect. (8/4/22)

George Floyd's family says his iconic selfie 'symbolizes ...who he was’- and helped shape the racial-justice narrative

The picture was a positive image in a world filled with too many negative portrayals of Black men. (5/21/22)