GRC Graduate Student Award

CPIP Graduate Student Anshul Sharma wins Materials Research Society (MRS) Graduate Student Award.

Anshul was awarded the MRS Silver Graduate Student Award for a presentation on Visualizing Gold Nanoparticle Chirality via Nematic Liquid Crystals at the 2015 MRS Spring Meeting in San Francisco. 

As stated in the award letter: "The MRS Graduate Student Awards are intended to honor and encourage graduate students whose academic achievements and current materials research display a high order of excellence and distinction.  MRS seeks to recognize students of exceptional ability who show promise for future substantial achievement in materials research.  Emphasis is placed on the quality of the student and his/her research ability.  The criteria for selection are:

  • Excellence in the conduct of materials research, including:
    • thoroughness of the applicant's work
    • originality and independence of the applicant's contributions
    • depth of understanding of the research topic, the methodologies used, and the relationship of the results to the specific research area and the broader materials field
    • scholarship and ingenuity shown by the student in undertaking the research project
  • Promise for future substantial achievement in materials research
  • Clarity of the presentation and discussion

Anshul, a chemistry student relocating to LCI in early 2012 from Canada, is currently co-supervised by Drs. Elda and Torsten Hegmann.

Silver Award Recipients. Among them, Anshul Sharma, a Kent State University graduate student

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